Thursday 8 April 2010

Cairns motivational author Andrew Griffiths on TV this Sunday

If you need a bit of a pick me up and motivational booster early this Sunday morning, then tune into local business coach Andrew Griffiths who will be a guest on Channel 7's Weekend Sunrise.

"I am pretty darn excited," Griffiths says. "I will be a guest on a nationwide show being interviewed about my latest book, The ME MYTH."

Last year the Cairns-based author had three books published, including The ME MYTH, a departure from his business tip books that he has sold millions in the last 10 years.

This weekend's interview kicks off at around 7.40am.

"I would love you to watch, tell your friends, scream at the television set, record it or sleep through it but dream about it going really well," Andrew Griffiths says.

His goal is to sell 100,000 copies of the ME MYTH and establish his own not-for-profit foundation.

"Getting in front of somewhere between 400,000 and 500,000 people this Sunday should help," Andrew said.


Scott Andrews said...

excellent, congrats Andrew and I'm sure it will go well. All good press for Cairns.

CBD Warrior said...

The irony. Local business coverup mouthpiece Andrew writes a book denigrating the 'ME' generation, and then takes a 'Look at Me' photo when he finds he'll be on the idiot box.


SJ Jones, Freshwater said...

I've read Andrew's Me Myth and it is a inspiring tale. He speaks in a comfortable language and it's hard not to be moved by his simple life suggestions.