Tuesday 13 April 2010

Caption Contest: Anna Bligh and that hat

What a great snap to host the return of the CairnsBlog caption contest.

In the Weekend Australian, here's Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, with Alexandra Harper, at the opening night off Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones, at the Queensland Art Gallery.

I think it's a perfect snap to have some fun with.

What was she thinking? What was she saying to Ms Harper, a self proclaimed perfectionist from Alexandra Harper Haute Couture Millinery?

  1. "My, my Anna, that number looks a little like the new performing arts building for Cairns waterfont!"
  2. "Alex darls, be a possum and get me the next bubby. My account is a little overdrawn at the mo."
  3. "Alexandra, are you pleased to see me or is that a LNP card in your purse?"
  4. "Anna baby, you can only have a loan of my hat till the photographer goes, OK?"
  5. "Dear Editor, please explain the large and rather obvious printing error that appeared above my head in your newspaper today."
  6. ...............your turn.................


KC said...

Oh Anna, we were expecting you to come wearing the hard hat!

Duke said...

"This is just like a western movie - where the bad guy wears the black hat"

The Great South East said...

"Check out my new QR ballast shovel hat...I got it at the Queensland Assets Fire Sale!"

Kylie said...

"No seriously Anna, you should get that mole on your head checked out"

Cleopatra Jones said...

"Afro Wigs, I can never get them right!"

Bonnie said...

"Is that a partial eclipse of your black cold heart you are wearing?"

Gavinbland said...

Look, I support Queensland. And I'm proud to wear coal on my head.

Chempedak said...

Dear Anna is that hat where you smuggle all the crack smack and whack to the gangs on the coast and hard druggies in Cairns for all those bullying corrupt police you totally deny exist? Is that the new version of the bag and you the latest (who would suspect)baglady? Maybe it's full of false illegal signed blank cheque search warrents for our finest total wanker garbage cops to fabricate more evidence against innocents?

Definitly not lamb or mutton. More like sinuey old dried up bully beef.

Hey the shoes are the kind that turn womens feet into the old maimed version that the old chinese women had to endure to totally destroy their feet for so called beauty. Sort of like female circumcision white style for her man for her feet.

Plenty pumped up medication keeps the false smile jacked right up.

Those arms don't look like they have done an ounce of physical work forever. Just meaty flab.

Perfect message to send to the clones and I guess with their great number in this fascist ignorant Queensland you can expect a shoo in in the next election. If it's one thing Queenslanders love it is curbs on intelligence and freedom.

Ok just shove that shit food down your throat and get uglier and we'll see you down at the Base Hospital later on and good old Dr. Deaths mates can chop you up and send you off in bits for their big private profit on the black market donor organ trail.

P.S. Thanks for fuck all and for treating all the good people like scum you hyena. Bye.

Just an aussie. said...

I squashed my hat when my broom malfunctioned and I hit the wall of the RSL club.Im smiling cos the broom is still up me arse.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Anna: "Yes, well the hat IS a little large Alex, but it's darn handy. I stored our State Debt there when I was Treasurer - and there's still lots of space left".

Madam Tusaud said...

''Forget about my hat just check out my shoes, nice and pointy to boot the hell out of all the ETU fat cats and fat free Paul Lucas''

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Mike - who gets the chocolate fish? and where do we pick it up?