Friday 23 April 2010

NZ Labour's leaked branding survey brings the house down

Kiwiblog reports about New Zealand Labour's leaked brand survey, with MP Gerry Brownlee having fun in the House reading out extracts.

"I didn’t realise that when Labour said it wants to show the electorate it has changed, it did not mean new policies, or a new frontbench, but a new logo and brand," Kiwiblog author David Farrar says.

Here's the full Labour brand survey, which also asks Kiwi's opinion of Australian Labor's branding and Kevin Rudd's "Restoring balance to the workplace."
  • How do you feel about the image? Can you explain your reasons for your answer?
Maybe they should have extended their survey to Australians?
The first question asks people to tick what values should be associated with Labour from the following list:-
  • Enduring - Futuristic - Clever - Friendly - Practical - Classic - Excellence - Different - Honest - Vibrant - Professional - Feel good - Reliable - Bold - Unique - Dedicated - Conservative - Inspiring - Creative - Edgy - Positive - Out there - Consensus - New Zealand - Heritage - Trusted - Sober - Innovative - Integrity - Pacific - Non-confrontational - Caring - People - Fresh - Dependable - Approachable - Cheeky - Artistic - Colourful - Funky - Ordinary - Maori - Diverse - Distinctive - Sophisticated - Unusual - Memorable - Environment - Passionate - Dynamic - Cool - Modern - Happy - Retro.

Contributors are then asked to describe Labour in six words or less. Gerry Brownlee’s retort was that he only needs one word to describe Labour.

"Sadly Standing Orders would not allow me to share that word," Brownlee quipped.

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