Friday 30 April 2010


An unlikely duo were spotted yesterday at a popular Esplanade seafood restaurant, not far from Villa Romana, having lunch. Waterpark billionaire Paul Freebody and his former councillor colleague, Annette Sheppard were seen by CairnsBlog paparazzi spotters.

Also seen lurking in the china department of Myers last evening, another unusual sight: acting mayor of Cairns Alan Blake, complete with Myers shopping bag in hand, and a pretty woman on his side.

Our own little Hollywood.


Pip Miller (via Facebook) said...

likes this

Smithfield Sam said...

Quite sure Annette wss attempting to get Freebody to agree not to put fluoride in the waterpark. Guess she hasn't heard that it's been canned.

And another thing about the Freebody waterpark. Everyone's been conned with the 10,000 so-called supporters that mysteriously appeared virtually overnight. It was revealed last week that a hacker in Brisbane figured out how to stuff thousands of unsuspecting Facebook users into "special interest" groups. He was charging for the "service". Clearly a con job by our own con job developer.