Tuesday 4 October 2011

Tweets and twits about Councillor Cochrane

A fake Cairns Regional Council Twitter account @CairnsCouncil responded to Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane's call on Radio 4CA today, that businesses like the out-of-town 'Super Butcher' will be banned from Cairns if she becomes Mayor.

Of course, let's keep business local.

I recall councillors voted to purchase a cycle-way bridge from Germany just a few months ago, to the disgust and horror of local construction and engineering firms.

I wonder if Margaret and her supporters have been to Kmart of Target recently, or the trashy Night Markets on the Esplanade. Not much local-produced goods there. How about the fresh veges at Coles and Woolies, especially after some local flooding, when the shelves are empty for days. Wonder where they come from?

And let's not forget our local Federal MP Warren Entsch, who thought is was okay to ignore local web developers and designers for some Brisvegas mob.

Former Council candidate and TWU union organiser, Janine Aitken, pondered if such a ban would make buying meat in Cairns would be illegal.

I alerted Council about the impersonating Twitter account two years ago, but they did nothing. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I even have my own fake Twit with a massive seven followers.

Meanwhile, Council's official Twitter account told it's readers about free games in Gordonvale and Whiterock.

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