Friday 14 October 2011

Here's the LNP dirt files on Cairns' MPs

Here's the infamous LNP dirt files scribed by outsed Labor staffer Robert Hough.

Hough was paid $3000 to collect information on 49 of Labor’s Queensland MPs. Retiring Desley Boyle and Judy Spence were omitted. When The Courier-Mail published the list, they removed references to the sex lives of MPs; names of their children and schools; allegations of drinking problems.

Personally, and as a former political staffer in the New Zealand Parliament, this is business as usual. Of course each party wants to know the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. Newman should have stayed mum on this, as you can bet that Labor have amassed files on Gavin King, as we've seen in the last two weeks. They certainly had a large file on Paul Freebody, mind you, to be fair, a lot of people did.

I think there's a lot more we could add.

JASON O’BRIEN Member for Cook
Faction: Left
Union: Was ETU

* Was electrician in the Navy
* Was member of the ETU but has now been expelled over privatisation
* Rugby union referee

* Well known across electorate, travels widely
* Willingness to use social media, particularly Twitter

* Can be scandal-prone and gaffe-prone. For example: Winegate, Twitter about child safety. His office has been shot at
* Can be willing to upset ministers and Caucus colleagues
* Has not risen up the ranks, there is a level of frustration
* Not active in Parliament. Sees it has a good place to have a drink

* Relationship with indigenous community still rocky
* Service delivery, or lack of it, including infrastructure – particularly roads

STEVE WETTENHALL Member for Barron River
Faction: Left

* Is a qualified solicitor, had own business in Cairns
* Violin player, plays in local folk festivals
* Bushwalker
* Has just done bungee jump in Cairns

* Will be public face of all good news announcements that Bligh Government does in far north Queensland
* Presents well and speaks well
* Preferences from the Greens

* Bad relationship with ETU, has now resigned over privatisation. Described by ETU as “a monkey”
* Not seen as a strong member; called “wet” and “no balls”
* Not particularly active in parliament

* Will become public face of Cairns economy from a State Government perspective
* It’s time for a change
* Aligned with the Mayor

CURTIS PITT Member for Mulgrave
Faction: AWU
Union: QPSU

* Son of Warren Pitt, former Minister for Main Roads and Local Government in Beattie and Bligh Governments
* Bachelor of Arts (Politics) from James Cook University
* Was regional marketing manager for Birch Carroll and Coyle
* Has photo on website partying with stars of American Pie
* Was manager of indigenous jobs committee, which was another State Government unmitigated disaster
* Plays competitive tennis

* Genuinely nice guy, who is very good listener
* Will get AWU support and logistics. May get sandbagged to protect him now that he is a minister

* Part of political dynasty, following in the footsteps of father
* Well liked in Caucus, though his promotion has ruffled some feathers in the AWU faction such as Kiernan and Choi, who believe they should have a promotion

...and here's the dossier on Anna baby...

ANNA BLIGH MP South Brisbane
Faction: LEFT
Union: ASU

* Got degree from University of Queensland: Bachelor of Arts, majoring in social sciences
* Ran student election team known as EAT, became vice-president of QLD union, part of team was Rod Welford
* Protege of Anne Warner, Meredith Burgmann and Peter Beattie
* Married to Greg Withers. First met in Sydney. First date was Leonard Cohen concert. Greg was a union official in Sydney and flatmate of Greg Combet
* Eldest of four children, father was alcoholic who left when she 13. Father died in 2002 on Bribie Island. She did not attend funeral
* Runs marathons, active cyclist
* Worked as senior policy officer in Department of Education and training involved in EBA negotiations
* Current ALP federal president

* Still best person to lead ALP election team, no clear successor
* Very strong media performer
* Strong parliamentary performer
* Loyal ministerial office, good staff relationshi
* Relatively loyal Caucus
* High recognition factor
* Polling had bounced back
* Union official ASU and LHMU in Sydney
* Greg Withers is a senior public servant, was also Goss government adviser

* Government has been in 20 years
* Relationship with own faction and unions in it including ETU and CFMEU
* Asset sales
* Her ministerial record, asbestos in schools, child safety
* Hospital payroll
* Federal president of ALP in a conference year
* Holidays in Sydney that were not declared
* Financial position of the state
* Flood reconstruction and flood inquiry
* Seen as being tricky and liar
* Can be very volatile, not strong under pressure has tendency to lash out, though she managed the flood issue well


Hingehead said...

Have you mixed these up Michael? It says Cook was a member of the ETU, but that Wettenhall resigned from the ETU - or were they both in the ETU ?(odd that a solicitor with own business would join an electrical trades union)

Michael P Moore said...

These are as presented in the files. Wettenhall and Cook were ETU members. You can search on CairnsBlog for Wettenhall's falling out with the ETU.

Hingehead said...

Thanks Michael - I hadn't realised.

Hingehead said...

How come Anna doesn't get about in budgie smugglers?

Bryan Law said...

Like most middle-class lefties, Wet 'n No balls supports unionism as a general principle.... plus the ETU supplied him with a lot of volunteers and electoral support.

When the rubber meets the road though, actual workers are smelly and ungrateful. It would make Steve's job a lot easier if workers just smiled at pay cuts, job losses and poor working conditions. But the ungrateful pricks expect more.

Hence Steve arseholed the workers and was booted from the union. Now he's in strife.


nomooremike said...

Another fair and balanced blog entry from the fair and balanced Moore.

Your stated aim of bringing the people of Cairns the news other media shy away from has turned into a farce.

This blog is but a shadow of the Hillbilly blog.

Michael P Moore said...

Sure did DJ.. in fact $3075.

Thanks "nomooremike" ... your constant reading and participation in CairnsBlog keeps my visitors up to the regular 900 - 1200 a day... still. Wait till the election campaign gets into full swing.

Saw you praising my Joel Harrop column the other day... now you knock because I have a go at Labor (in my Wild Rivers video interview).

Thanks for the consistency. You're an asset to the 'sit on the sideline' brigade.

Bryan Law said...

Nomooremike IS Desley Boyle!

Terry Vance said...

What a waste of three grand.

VickieF said...

About the only thing I didn't know was that Anna & Greg's first date was a Leonard Cohen concert. That shows good taste but nothing else.
It's just another yawn worthy, pre-election exercise in stirring the pot. It's cardinal sin is that for the price, we expected so much more!

Syd Walker said...

Now I know the kind of thing that goes into dirt files I might consider getting into this lucrative field.

Like Vickie, I didn't find the Leonard Cohen revelation too shocking. A lot of people flirt at concerts. It's disgusting, of course, and like drugs, alcohol and dancing, one day it will be banned in all rock and roll venues nationwide. But at the time, I think it was quite legal.

Interesting how the suggestion that Curtis Pitt is "well liked in caucus" is marked down as a negative. I guess that's what professional dirt files authors do... tailor their product for the intended readership. Anyone who gets on with that bunch of smucks must be crook, eh?

Steve Wettenhall's background is brief, but focuses on the really important stuff. He plays a violin and did a bungee jump, just before the dirt file went to press.

In the case of Jason O'Brien, I was fascinated that having his office shot at is listed a weakness. It probably explains why he travels round the electorate so often, upsetting ministers with injudicious tweets.

Overall, the four dirt files helped me better appreciate the human qualities of these hard-working public representatives and the pressures they face.

They also left me with a lurking suspicion that Robert Hough and his former colleagues are having a joke at the LNP's ($3,075) expense...

KitchenSlut said...

Bryan Law is Gavin King

No, hang in the other way around ....

Gavin King is Bryan Law

No, hang on maybe it was right the firts time .....

P.S. Probably the dirt file was so boring because the CM omitted to publish any sexual references. What's a dirt file without sex? This is important for anyone considering going into the dirt file consulting business. Charge at least double to include any references to sheep and bestiality!

Bryan Law said...

Syd Walker loves the ALP. That's always been true, but now he's finally came out and said it. It explains why he can always find an excuse for the stupid, brutal things they do (kind of like a Zionist will for Israel).

My first experience of "dirt files" was listening to Brenda Gibbs work the office phones in 1985 during a pre-selection battle inside the ALP. Brenda worked for the GU student union, and her husband Bob Gibbs was in the Queensland Parliament.

Brenda's job was to exclude unwanted candidates from the contest by letting them know privately what "Bobby" had on them in his dirt file. Brenda was so successful at this she became a Senator (for one term) in 1995.

Anyone like to guess what Desley Boyle has stored away in her dirt file? or Anna Bligh?

Bryan Law said...

KS is right though, the quality of dirt files has decreased. Labor really misses this man: Lee Bermingham - one time enforcer, election fixer, and dirt file exponent.

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Dirt files?
Seems like the the LNP is sending prayers to Baal or Beelzebub (just as the judges and magistrates do) to bring back the ghost of Joh Bjelke Petersen.
Nothing changes in Queensland.