Tuesday 25 October 2011

CAPTION CONTEST: Anna chats with the Queen

Here's the Queen and Prince Philip with Queensland Premier Anna Bligh yesterday afternoon on the Brisbane River.

What were they talking about?

  1. "With respect, my hat is much more queenie than yours marm.."
  2. "Oh Phillip, I really must not curtsy before dinner, plus Liz is kinda close."
  3. "So do the natives still throw spears and eat the whities in the mall Madam Premier?"
  4. "Well Ms Bligh, it's a shame that the people of Queensland are about to throw out your party. Seems like even a flood couldn't save you."
  5. "Ladies, the broken fly stand is best suited for gentlemen."
  6. ------your turn....

1 comment:

Rosemary C said...

Phillip, are you that stoopid.. please face the right way around will you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!