Wednesday 26 October 2011

City Place campaign will be an election issue

The battle lines over retaining City Place is becoming an important issue for the Council and State election.

The Cairns Transit Network plan has been developed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, not Council Regional Cairns, and the locals have effectively been cut out of some key decisions.

It appears that Cairns Regional Council has absolutely no say about what happens in our city. The State department says that buses need to go through City Place in order to have good public transport. Of course this is nonsense. 77 inner-city businesses are demanding that City Place be retained and enhanced. Many of the businesses, over 75%, were not even consulted about the planned changes.

They State Government intend to relocate City Place to a ''basketball shed'' in Shields Street.

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D.J.HUNT said...

Voters in Cairns have three candidates so far and two positions on this issue proving ALP/LNP are two heads of same beast.
Kirsten supports ripping up City Place and voted accordingly.Don't believe she walked out on that vote.
Gavin supports ripping up City Place and is now claiming credit for this going ahead.

I have advocated that the fact the other route options were not even put to the people of Cairns to decide on was a flawed process.Many businesses were not consulted. There are better ways to revitalise the City Place without ripping it up and putting bus ways through it. I have supported the Save City Place campaign since its inception and continue to be. I also say the transit plan was half arsed because it did not extend out to the airport but according to the member for Barron River is vital and is to be included in some future plan. Well if it's vital it should be in this damn plan!!
The council were bullied into this because it was going to be state govt money so they didn't even make them take it back to the drawing board when it was proven Dept of Transport did not consider any other route than through City Place and no alternative ever presented to residents for discussion.
People from Brisbane deciding what is best for us country bumpkins is the problem