Tuesday 25 October 2011

LNP have ''have zero credibility'' on law and order in FNQ

Australian Party candidate for Cairns, Darren DJ Hunt, has today slammed the LNP's policy on law and order, saying they don't even know where the prison is.

The LNP said today that violence at Far North Queensland’s Lotus Glen correctional centre was "out of control" and minor assaults on staff had worsened since Labor watered-down discipline.

''Over-crowding was causing increased violence in Cairns’ prison,'' John-Paul Langbroek, Shadow Minister for Police said.

Darren Hunt hit back saying he is out out touch with the local community.

''What a buffoon, he [Langbroek] doesn't even know that the gaol is at Mareeba, not Cairns,'' Darren Hunt told CairnsBlog. ''Is this goose really the shadow law and order spokesperson?''

Langbroek says that full and overflowing prisons make it more difficult for front line staff to manage dangerous offenders

“Staff safety is being ignored and lives are at risk,” John-Paul Langbroek says. ''A leaked report revealed some shocking statistics including a huge increase in minor assaults on staff - 1 in 2008/2009, and now up to 23 as of March and a projected total of 31 for 2010/11.''

Langbroek says incidents at Lotus Glen were far greater than Townsville Men’s prison which had seven assaults recorded in 2008/09 rising to to 24 2010/2011. Capricornia prison in Rockhampton reported no assaults in 2008/09 compared to three in 2010/2011.
''Given his party does not support increased penalties and mandatory imprisonment for assaults on staff like we do, what is he blustering about?'' Darren Hunt says. ''How is he going to 'protect staff'?''

''The LNP have zero credibility on law and order issues in Far North Queensland.''


Terry Vance said...

There is a big extension to Lotus Glen currently underway as I understand it. Don't know if anyone ever thought of building a prison centre closer to the aboriginal communities, say at Coen maybe. Could provide a bit of employment, help the local businesses there as well as being a bit closer to the community families etc.

D.J.HUNT said...

Good point Terry, look how quick they could set up a centre to house immigration detainees in Weipa.
There have been places like Baas yard and similar places in the Cape used on an adhoc approach but nothing permanent or committed to.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Hunt is nitpicking over whether Lotus Glen is "Cairn's" prison or not. Although it is 25km from Mareeba (actually its closer to Atherton!) is services the Cairns and Cairns Hinterland area, Cape York and Torres Strait. I would hazard that given the goodly and god-fearing citizens that they are, they are very few Mareebians in custody there. Methinks the man doth protest too much!

But then, according to the Australian Party founder, there is a singular lack of gays in Katter country either.