Wednesday 26 October 2011

'Halt work on Entertainment Precinct' - Cr Rob Pyne

With the local body election campaign effectively started, and the divisive and volatile mood around the urgent commencement of work for the Entertainment Precinct, Councillor Rob Pyne, who supports the project, is asked for a temporary halt under after the March 2012 election.

Rob Pyne believes that the project is too important not to proceed, however thinks the caretaker period is not the time to continue work. Today he will move a motion at Council to not to enter into any site preparation or building construction contracts prior to the local government elections.

"It is not every day one tables a resolution that could cost the Cairns economy almost $100m but with a majority of Cairns Councillors not wanting to proceed to tender and with the Council ‘Caretaker Period’ fast approaching, this is the only way I can see to stop what is becoming a ‘sad soap opera’ rather than a rational debate,” Rob Pyne told CairnsBlog.

Pyne says it's his sincere hope that the State and Commonwealth Governments have sufficient commitment and support for the project that a three month months will not compromise the project.

"The people of Cairns have the vision to elect a Mayor with the courage and conviction to see this project through,” Pyne says. "Should those Councillors who have been ‘white anting’ this project fail to support my resolution, we can only assume they lack any conviction on this issue whatsoever and are simply grandstanding to obtain a little kudos from the public gallery and talk back radio."

"My rationale is so this gives the project some real certainty and transparency, not only for Council staff and Councilors, but also the wider community," Pyne says. "It will make a clear distinction as to what is operational and what is subject to debate and campaign policy."

Rob Pyne is right. There's a practice when a government heads towards an election, it should not be engaging in substantive work that will commit a new administration. Its very likely the make up of this Council will change dramatically, and it is a dereliction of the current mob to set in stone agreements and plans so close to an election.

Rob Pyne's motion...
  • That Council resolves in relation to the Cairns Entertainment Precinct:

    1. To continue to completion the architectural designs;
    2. To complete all work required for lodgement of a Development Application; and
    3. NOT TO enter into any site preparation or building construction contracts whatsoever prior to the local government elections of 31 March 2011.


Cr Margaret Cochrane, Deputy Mayor said...

There is a current process in place of the FSR and Business Case preparation and presentation to Council and the community.  

This process should be given time to be presented to the community, then decisions regarding the progress on this project should be taken.

The current motion requires this process to be in place and back to the Entertainment Precinct meeting Nov 16.
I will continue to support this process and not support this motion.

Cr Rob Pyne said...


Mr Grumpy said...

What a sad sad day for Cairns.Pathetic gutless Coucillors more concerned with egos and personal attacks. Rob Pyne,the ultimate anti all development fence sitter just wants to turn the next election into a referendum on the new Theatre so he doesn't have to make a decision.
We so badly need the construction activity to boost jobs and confidence, something we look for from our leaders yet all we've got is political point scoring and a public negative campaign from John McKenzie.
Makes me sick

Cr Rob Pyne, Cairns Regional Council said...

Thanks mate, not sure how I will get reelected without all those $$$ of donations from developers.
I guess I will have to rely on HARD WORK and HONESTY!

Terry Vance said...

That's the end of the Entertainment Precinct. If construction doesn't start now before the wet season which is expected to be protracted, sets in, then it will have to wait until well after the Council Election and probably the State Election. I can't see both the Bligh State Government and the Schier Council being re-elected, with the same faces being returned. The State Government funding will be returned and disappear in that black hole called Brisbane and the Federal funding will therefore also be recalled. What then? After the cheers have died down, and a lot more bullshit spruiked about widening and dredging the Cairns inlet for more shipping, and duping the people of Cairns a bit more, there will be some more "material change of uses" passed through secret Council meetings regarding certain water-front land. Next will come "outrage" announcements that ports expansion cannot happen because of "greenies", the Federal Government, the unions, blah blah. So the land is then sold to a global corporation. Most likely a few palms will be handsomely greased in the process and the saga of the Cairns Entertainment Centre will be all over. Some of the key players in the opposition to the Precinct will of course then "retire" to a comfortable lifestyle on the Gold Coast. As they sit on their million dollar balconies sipping Dom Perignom, they can throw their heads back and laugh at the simple mindedness of the Cairns hillbillies and how easy it was to defraud them.

Mr Grumpy said...

It's ok Rob your "bowl" motion failed.Keep your nose in the trough mate, that's the only place you'll ever be. Try working in construction then you might know what hard work caused by Council and Gov bullshit is all about,then you might be a bit more considerate in your bad decision making.