Sunday 9 October 2011

Kirsten kicks off carnival of campaign kissing

It's kissing babies time. Lock up your children.

With just over six months to go till the Queensland State election, Cairns Regional Councillor and Labor candidate for the seat of Cairns, Kirsten Lesina this morning announced she's out on the campaign trail, kissing babies.

By the looks of her Facebook update, it would appear she's running for her Council seat.

Is anyone safe from the double-election season we're all about to endure?

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Bryan Law said...

Kirsten Lesina and the baby look really similar. Both have unlined faces, I assume because neither has yet had to confront difficulty and/or crisis of any kind.

Kirsten went straight from school to University, fully funded by her parents. She went from University to being a Councillor, fully funded by the taxpayer. What is her record as a Councillor?

She was approached by Desley Boyle to seek pre-selection for Cairns and block Richie Bates - a unionist of the kind Desley hates. Kirsten is on the record as saying she would join any faction that could get her pre-selection for Parliament. A woman of no principle.

Kirsten is a callow, pliable, untested and uncommitted hack who'll spend her time in Parliament seeking self-preferrment and ignoring constituents. A female Jason O'Brien.

Please God, we can do better!