Saturday 29 October 2011

Mirrored Cairns Botantic Gardens centre opens today

The stunning new Cairns Botanic Gardens visitor centre officially opens today.

Situated just along from the Tanks Arts Centre, the vsitor's centre is likely to be a popular talking point for it's unique architecture, reflected the neighbouring flora and fauna.

The building includes 104 solar panels and has been constructed to use minimal lighting and air-conditioning.
    Check out the creative local products for sale in the shop and the lovely botanic gardens book.

    The popular Trinity Beach L'unicos, will be opening the cafe there soon.

    Already some have said birds are haplessly flying into the mirrored walls, and according to reports, at least two have hit the walls.

    Councillor Pyne has defended the structure saying people need to focus their passion in the right area.

    ''A cat outside will do more damage in one night," Rob Pyne says. ''Some people need to get a grip and note some of the positive initiates of Council, such as registration of cats and moves to address that, quite a real problem.''

    The centre features interpretive displays, a gift shop and you can even get a up-close look at some native snakes. Council will co-ordinate events and activities, including arts workshops, guest speakers and theme-based presentations.

    The first will explore the theory of evolution with guest speaker Gary Wilson, a local botanist and photographer, on Saturday November 5th.

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