Thursday 5 May 2011

Would-be MP Freebody can't do a simple media statement

The Liberal National Party or LNP as they want to be called, are in full-swing using any opportunity to pump out the political cringe catch-phrase of the century, in honor of their un-crowned leader, Campbell 'can-do' Newman.

If this is the best savvy marketing advice that they can come up with, then Queensland politics is quickly becoming a race between dumb and dumbest.

The amazingly unique and bizarre selection the LNP have on offer for Cairns voters in the probably November State election, is none other than Paul Freebody.

This self-pronounced
'Christian' who exposes anything but such values, has a host of tragic media blunders to his credit. Luckily for new arrivals to our community, they're emerging again so they won't be disappointed. This underwater waterpark developer that would rather wriggle out of what has to be the dodgiest Cairns development proposal in the last 50 years, to wriggle into a cushy well-paid parliamentary perk job, is hoping to drop the average IQ of his constituents.

Yesterday morning, as Paul clambered into his Abbott Street high-rise office, he fired off a press release, intended for Dennis Quick for approval, the Liberals political stalwart. However the erroneous and poorly-written statement, made its way to all and sundry around town...
  • From Paul Freebody
    Date 4 May 2011 09:32
  • Subject Approval please DQ if you are happy with wording?

  • "Approval please DQ if you are happy with wording?
    ["DQ" = Dennis Quick]

  • LNP Candidate for Cairns Paul Freebody has hit out at the Labor Government saying Despite the Bligh Labor Government having now sold off railways, ports, Airports and forests , Queensland is still heading towards $80 billion of debt and $540,000 an hour in interest payments thanks to Labor’s economic mismanagement . Mr Freebody said any business mind person can see this is just not sustainable. To have such resources in our state and to lose our AAA credit rating is an indictment on the poor performance of this long term, tired Government.

    Mr Freebody said “Labor has borrowed to pay the bills, not to invest in future infrastructure. The Campbell Newman LNP team will save you money and deliver more by getting action on the basics and cutting waste. We’ll forward plan, not live for the moment.”

    The End...."

As one Cairns councillor said to me, "he's still not sure about capitals and where full stops go but has managed the spelling I see."

I wish it was the end, as Paul puts it, however at 2:35pm this afternoon, he fired out another media missive:
  • Press Release Cairns Post only

    Inlet widening a Can Do and Will Do for LNP

    Following a series of briefings, LNP candidate for Cairns Paul Freebody confirmed today that he had gained support from LNP Leader, Campbell Newman to explore the options available in terms of infrastructure capabilities, to dredge the inlet to allow all sizes ships to be able to dock at the Port.

    “There are many opportunities to bring business to Cairns via our port,” Mr Freebody said.

    [and on and on and on, went the dribble.]
Needless to say, this one marked "Cairns Post only" was sent to everyone.

22 minutes later, out it came again, with an addendum:
  • "Sorry everyone , I thought Paul said CP , however he explained it should always go to all media outlets. Hence I forgot to change the header. Sorry for confusion.
    - Amanda."
If you want to reminisce of Freebody's former faux pas, check out when he didn't get his way as Cairns Regional Council postponed his waterworld development approval. He burst onto radio and slammed all the female Councillors as "witches and bitches." He was forced to apologise.

However we needn't be too surprised by Paul's use and abuse of the English language and his inability to communicate coherently like an adult.

In the March 2008 Council election, Paul Freebody lost to first-time candidate Kirstin Lesina, in the narrowest of margins. His opponent picked him up on his election leaflets, that was riddled with errors and exposed an incompetent communicator. Kathy Plath, who was also running for re-election, allowed Paul to do her leaflets as well. Talk about a death wish. Both were not re-elected.

Freebody subsequently went on the attack against Lesina for exposing his error-riddled election propaganda, and in a condescending and derogatory outburst, with a touch of his hallmark sexist tone, remarked ''Kirsten, focus on what’s good for the community, and don’t get into gutter politics. You’re better than that love. I know you’re young.''

And we thought we'd all seen the last of this abusive and arrogant political freeloader? Needless to say, thanks also to many CairnsBlog readers, I've been amassing a wealth of information from past business associates that includes recorded telephone calls; faked profit and loss statements; death threats; abuse and verbal threats of violence; police investigations of his son using a mobile phone to bully others, all from the man who wants to represent the people of Cairns.

May your god help us.


Al said...

It speaks volumes of the LNP that Freebody is is the best they can come up with for the important seat of Cairns. The man is a complete buffoon, surely even they can see that.

Unknown said...

The problem is, the majority of the public believe what they read in the CP, and so they'll only get one side of the story. May our god indeed help us.

Terry Vance said...

Literacy and comprehension levels are plummeting everywhere else, so I don't see why we should be disadvantaged.

Charlie said...

Interesting you mention DQ, I was in Townsville recently and was surprised to hear the Townsville opinion of DQ and his handling of LNP (or what ever it called then) affairs in Townsville. My mates in Townsville don't seem to like or trust him.