Tuesday 24 May 2011

Lyons House goes into voluntary liquidation

At a special general meeting last evening, the membership of Lyons House Inc, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service, voted to wind up the Association.

Lyons House has been in financial turmoil after the management committee terminated two senior managers who were failing to disclose information to the management committee, including contracts and salary details.

To safeguard remaining assets and to enable full payment of staff entitlements and creditors, members unanimously voted in favour of voluntary liquidation.

Tony Jonsson and Gerry Mier of KPMG were appointed as liquidators.

Committee President David Couplan-Jones says negotiations are still proceeding with other like-minded organisations, to explore the possibility of the Association's facilities and services being continued.


D.J.HUNT said...

As with the closure of Rose Colless Haven it will be the ones with the illness requiring assistance that will be the losers out of all of this.
The big question now will be who will fill the void?

Chris of Manunda said...

Chris of Manunda says,

Get one of those indigenous self help mobs around town to take over the assets. They say there are 50 odd groups of them around cairns with their nepotistic salaries and new 4 x 4s to service their long suffering clients. They'll know how to finish off the carcase.
Anyway where are our health overseers, political watchdogs and police. Isn't this just another bloody misuse of public money at the expense of needy clientele or am I missing something.
Just how much were these people paying themselves and what assets did they have control of for their personal use?