Monday 2 May 2011

Film fundraiser this Thursday for peace, freedom and blogging!

You're invited.

This Thursday evening at The Boathouse, James Cook University of Colonialism, Smithfield campus, we're holding a shared fundraiser for CairnsBlog to support the defamation action taken by Cairns Regional Councillor Alan Blake. It will also support Bryan Law towards his Ploughshares action.

It's on at 7pm, this Thursday 5th May - $25 a head.

We'll be screening a couple of unique real-life political dramas and you can enjoy a mixed bag of nibbles, nostalgia, and revolution.

There'll be a cash bar, as the revolution won’t go far.

Come one, come all (yeah, even you MG).


Bryan Law said...

Even you Jon Metcalfe (Bryan Outlaw)

kate said...

Which unique real-life political dramas??

Bryan Law said...

Hi Kate, everyone who comes will have their own real-life political dramas to share.

My special favourite guest is Di Forsyth (who once climbed onto the Yacht Club roof doing direct action in an effort to preserve it on the waterfront).

Mike is being sued by Alan Blake. Stu Trail has been kicked out of the ALP. There'll be a fair bit of yarning and sharing during the night.

Afterwards I'm screening a movie made out of Gore Vidal's play "The Best Man" - about the Presidential nomination process in the Democrats.

Now that Obama is bombing Tripoli and beheading Bin Laden, I thought it might be interesting to reflect on how long things have been this way.