Monday 2 May 2011

Bin Laden dead, says the US

The US President is about to give a press conference and do what America loves doing: glorify and relish in death and war.

Reports say that Osama Bin Laden has been killed in Afghanistan and that the US has his body.

What will this change? Nothing. Probably just inflame and spark a whole new rage and violent reaction from the fiends of the land of the brave and free. Yeah.


Bryan Law said...

And all it took was 13 years, three trillion dollars, four wars, two kleptocracies, and a global financial crisis. That's Osama 7, USA 1.

Bryan Outlaw said...

Now that they've got their trigger fingers warmed up, they should be able to cap your fat arse in Rockhampton on Day 1.

Bryan Law said...

Gee BO, you don't let information get in the way of a good prejudice, do you.

No US soldier is going to arrest, assault, or in any way handle an Australian citizen on Australian soil.

US personnel will defer immediately to Australian personnel, who will in turn call either the Queensland Police or the Australian Federal Police who will lay any charges. Then come the courts.

It's called the rule of law. You ought look it up sometime.

Unknown said...

"It's called the rule of law. You ought look it up sometime."

And you should try respecting it sometime, what a shit bloody example you are to the young.

Unknown said...

And here I was thinking that if they captured the 9/11 mastermind, the entire Bush crime family would be dead. Ah well. Heres hoping. Watch this space for either the Federal Reserve going down in the US, or another major event. There is a BIG reason why this has happened. You cant fight soldiers that arent in uniform. Its hard for the U.S to make money without war. Good on ya Bryan, I wish you all the best. Dont listen to the likes of Sheepple like Outlaw and youtube.

Bryan Law said...

Why thank-you James.

I do pay attention to the likes of BO and U2b, because they set out so clearly what the gibbering warmongers are stirring up in the community.

For my health I pay no attention at all to the personal abuse they throw at me, but it's sad to see how early it comes, and how virulent it is from all the Parties in politics today.

No wonder our democracy is in trouble.

KitchenSlut said...

I believe that the man killed in the Abbottabad fortress and subsequently dumped at sea was actually Elvis! The US military industrial complex was just so jealous that Elvis had been stolen from them.

Osama Bin Laden meanwhile is holed up at Graceland, under protection of the Bush/Obama conspiracy, writing lyrics for Lady Gaga which need to be decoded and read backward in Arabic to understand the link to the US army guy who used the Gaga CD to download the Wikileaks! You know it makes sense!

Meanwhile .... how close is Abbottabad to where Kevin Byrne's mysterious Pakistani mate from the now stalled Capital Globe developments in Cairns took a bullet?

P.S. And how about a name like Abbottobad anyway? Will Tony Abbott appear there in speedo's soon?

Syd Walker said...

Here's an extract from's report today:

Officials described the reaction of the special operators when they were told a number of weeks ago that they had been chosen to train for the mission.

“They were told, ‘We think we found Osama bin Laden, and your job is to kill him,’” an official recalled.

The SEALs started to cheer.

Radioing a commander on Sunday, the team reported the capture with a pre-arranged signal: “Geronimo!”

If that's accurate, it suggests a deliberate order to assassinate. That is immoral and trashes any notion of due process.

Then again, has there been a trial, evidence would have been required. That might have been highly embarrassing. To this day, there is no hard evidence OBL 'did' 9-11 - just incessant media reports recycling the same old spin.

How did OBL demolish THREE skyscrapers in NYC by fire? How did steel become molten through a fuel fire? What amazing magical powers!

Maybe now the great boogie man is (allegedly) dead and deep underwater, the Pentagon can get back to unfinished business, such as... where did the missing 2.3 trillion dollars go?

Anonymous said...

"Syd Walker said...That is immoral and trashes any notion of due process."

Totally agree, Syd. He should have been afforded the sort of justice the citizens of Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia enjoy.

A sham trial, followed by a public hanging, stoning or beheading.

Can't wait for the conspiracy theories to emerge...

Unknown said...

Perhaps you should pay attention to the statements made by US Navy Captain Pieczenik.... As opposed to sucking up all the make believe fear mongering bullshit that the Murdoch empire feed you sheep. Baaaaa Baaaaa!!

Syd Walker said...

Nick is an afficionado of the "they are worse, don't look at us" style of argument.

Why anyone who seriously believes in the special virtue of western civilization is happy to see its own core values trashed is quite beyond me.

You remind me of a kid in the playground, who when asked to stop bullying his peers replies "they started it", "they're worse than me" - or offers any other evasive excuse - anything other than responding to teacher's demand that HE follows basic norms of civilized behaviour.

(Not that I accuse you of murder Nick. I'm just fed up with you being an apologist for murderers that you seem to regard as 'on your team')

Anonymous said...

Well James, maybe you should tell Syd.

He seems to believe that Bin Laden was just assassinated and denied due process...

The Captain Pieczenik story is fascinating, but where is the evidence ? Will anybody corroborate his story ? And I mean one of the hundreds of people who must have been involved in it, not the usual conspiracy junkies who get all their info from the internet.

I'd be interested to find out if you can back up this story somehow.

Anonymous said...

"Syd Walker said...

Nick is an afficionado of the "they are worse, don't look at us" style of argument."

No Syd, that is not the case at all.

My point is that you are screaming for justice and due process when it concerns Israel or the "West", but not when it concerns places like e.g. Iran, Syria or Gaza.

Maybe they should have left him alive in Pakistan and let the Pakistanis deal with him under Sharia law ? After all, that's where he was living. I think they have an arrangement there where his daughters could have been pack raped in retribution as part of the deal.

That's their law and who are we to argue with them about their 'core values" ? Who is to say that ours are superior? Are you ? If not, why object to my suggestion ?

Don't know what 'team" you are referring to, Syd . Hope you're not still carrying on with these silly Zionist/ Hasbara accusations ?

Don't quite understand what you mean by 'the special virtue of Western civilization" ? These are your words, not mine and it sounds a bit arrogant to me.

Personally I don't believe that any "civilization" as such is more virtuous than any other. The problem is the people in charge.

Unknown said...

They got the wrong target!
Should have been dictator bligh and her bunch of merry cronnies

VOTE [1] SexiSam
None of the others are worth voting for

Manoora of the Beaches
(was previously known as clifton beach)

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Question: How the hell can you kill a terrorist who is already dead?
Answer: Freeze the body for ten years (Osama died in 2001), then begin a media frenzy by placing the body in a closed area, kill the body again, and broadcast the results on Murdoch's media farce.
Dumping a "body" at sea is simply NOT Islamic burial tradition, just an exercise in hiding more Truths.
The "death-mask" shown in the media, is NOT that of Ted Osoman (Osama).
Seems like the fluoride in the water up there is already working.

Unknown said...

Kevin-John: Morgan

Absolutely agreed. It was broadcast for the next false flag operation in Europe, and to hide the fact that Obama just killed Gaddafi's son and three grandchildren.

Get ready for the Americans to blame the next NUCLEAR attack in Europe on the terrorists.

Gotta love the heavy metal on the brain...

Anonymous said...


I am surprised that someone as well connected as you fell for this piece of misinformation.

Gaddafi's son is alive and well and was spotted partying in a Beirut nightclub last night in the company of the undead Jim Morrison and Yasser Arafat (whose deaths were faked by the French secret service for reasons even the French don't understand).

Apparently it was a huge night with entertainment provided by the Dead Kennedy's. Their encore "I'm so glad Elvis is dead" made the crowd go wild .

We are lucky indeed to have so many astute political commentators in Cairns who have exclusive access to all sort of classified material that is denied to the rest of us.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

Funny that even Al Qaida has confirmed that Bin Laden was killed last Friday. Are they also part of the conspiracy?

Seems like your captain Captain Pieczenik got it wrong. Maybe he was wrong about 9/11 as well ?

Never mind, whatever turns you on.... enjoy your conspiracy theories. It must be a fascinating hobby !

Anonymous said...

Elton says:

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a Sandal in the Bin
Never knowing who to blow up next
When the rain set in
And I would have liked to have known you
But I was just an infidel
Your fuse burned out long before
Your legend ever did

Unknown said...

"Tell a lie often enough, loud enough, and long enough, and people will believe you."

Anonymous said...

So who is lying James ?

You or Al Qaida ?

Unknown said...

Do some research and find the answer for yourself my dear friend Nick!

Red pill, or blue pill?

Nick, you have been lied to your entire life. It's a hard awakening.

Anonymous said...


I don't care much for your arrogant "superior" attitude ("you have been lied to all your life" ... ) How do you know ?

It reminds me too much of all sort of religious cults, who claim they know the one and only truth and the various religions that are prepared to kill those who don't want to believe in their particular version of "the truth".

As for 9/11, there are as many "experts" who say it happened as stated officially as there are "experts" who say it was an inside job.

How do you know what the truth is ? Are you an "expert" yourself or do you just make a choice who you want to believe according to your political believes ?

Anyway, I will check out the links you posted. There is much I can agree with in the "zeitgeist" one, although I haven't had a chance yet to see the whole thing. Funny though that so many of these links seem to come from the USA, the originator of all evil in the world in the minds of some.

You didn't answer my question why it is that Al Qaida has confirmed Bin Laden's death. It makes your theory look a bit shaky.



Unknown said...

Wasn't attempting to be arrogant, and I'm not about to enter into a flaming session. enjoy your movies.

Syd Walker said...

This is what some of our publicly-funded 'journalists' embedded in the ABC get up to...

ABC uses bogus video to attack image of Syrian government

How many times don't they get caught manufacturing sly Zionist propaganda that hypes the case for (more) wars against nations that do us no harm?

For a different take on Libya please visit STOP BOMBING LIBYA

Anonymous said...

From Syd's blog :


"heavy jewish presence at board level might conceivably colour the middle-east coverage australians receive".

"three of the eight board members of the abc (chairman included) are jewish. the sbs chairman, likewise".

"Syd walker:"

"Do you really think the ethnicity of these Jewish folk might colour ABC/SBS coverage on middle eastern issues? It is possible, I suppose".

Anonymous said...

The pot calling the kettle black.

On one of Syd's blog posts there is a picture of a "starving" Gaza boy, when it is in fact a North Korean child.

Syd Walker said...

Nick - I have already challenged you to substantiate your claim that the image of a child on one article in my blog dating two and a half years back was not, as the caption stated, from Gaza but from North Korea. It is possible you're right - if so I shall certainly issue a clarification/retraction. But proof first if that's OK?

If you are right about that, congratulations on finding an error in my blog. You've only had three years of material to peruse...

Now, regarding the extract of comments on a recent article that you thought sufficiently noteworthy to reproduce here (perhaps you imagined it would shock CairnsBlog readers out of Sunday morning doldrums?)

As you'll know, a commentator called 'sentience' posted a rather cross comment that pro-Israel bias at the ABC wasn't surprising as there are three Jews on the Board.

I asked him to provide references. I also suggested that it might not indicate bias. After all, some Jews are known for genuine empathy towards the Palestinian cause. The great South African ANC veteran Ronnie Kasrils springs to mind...

Anyhow, sentience was kind enough to post some references. I'm sorry to say that my anti-Zionist hypothesis began to break down.

Cheryl Bart, for instance, is an ABC Board member appointed by Stephen 'filter-it' Conroy. She's a remarkable woman who once climbed Everest with her daughter. According to the news reports, she waved an Israeli flag on the way to the top. No mention of Australian flags, UN flags or ABC flags. Hmmm.

Anyhow, thanks for bringing this issue to the attention of CairnsBlog readers Nick. Systemic ideological bias at the ABC is indeed a serious topic that merits much more discussion.

What else but egregious bias could explain the complete lack of mention - in any form, as far as I'm aware - of the USS Liberty incident by 'your' ABC in all the years I've been watching?

That vicious attack by Israeli forces on a US navy ship happened in 1967 for heavens sake. 43 years ago. Isn't it safe to inform the Australian public yet?

Anonymous said...


I did not find the mistaken picture on your blog. It was one of your readers who wrote a comment about it and that's why it caught my attention. I've got better things to do than trawling through your blog, looking for errors...

I think perceived bias at the ABC or any other media outlet is certainly worth discussing.

But would anybody be upset if an Australian of Irish descent waived an irish flag while climbing Mt. Everest. Would it even be newsworthy ?

And if this person happened to be an ABC board member, should we then immediately draw the conclusion that this person was bound to be be pro-IRA and anti-British ?

Syd Walker said...

There are several reasons why your analogy is misleading Nick.

First, the fate of Ireland is not a key international issue of the day. It is not, for instance, a topic that brings down US Presidents or commands the slavish, partisan loyalty of at least three quarters of the US Congress.

Second, even if an IRA supporter made it onto the ABC Board, there's no doubt his/her partisan opinion would be balanced by the contrary views of others.

By contrast, I think it doubtful that ANYONE stands up against the Israel Lobby on the ABC Board. There seems to be a culture of compliance in the ABC when it comes to Zionism. One might say the entire Board is PART of the Israel Lobby (please contradict that with specific references, if you can).

I could say more, but less is sometimes more so I'll leave it there for now.

Anonymous said...

" the fate of Ireland is not a key international issue of the day. It is not, for instance, a topic that brings down US President"

But any presidential hopeful would be foolish to ignore the three I's (Israel,Italy AND Ireland).

The lesson from Ireland is that it IS possible to end years and generations of conflict, if the will is there. Of course, there are always the extremists on both sides who prefer the conflict to go on, but if people concentrate on what they have in common, rather than on what sets them apart, solutions can be found.

The sort of professions that provide members to the various boards in Australia do have an over-reprentation of Jewish people. It is therefore not strange to see this same over representation on the various boards.

Jews are also over-represented as Nobel Prize recipients, winning at least 20% of all awards given to date.

There are historical reasons why Jews have thrived in certain professions, commerce, finance and the arts. I have posted some information about that on your blog for those who are interested.

We will probably see the same with Asian migrants, whose children are also high-achievers and are bound to dominate many institutions in the future.

Maybe the ABC's board's perceived bias re. Israel reflects the majority view of Australian society ? Strangely enough the right side of politics often accuses the ABC of being too left-wing, while the "left" have always been traditionally pro Palestine and anti Israel.

For some reasoned debate on Israel-Palestine have a look here :

The JMCC was established in 1988 by a group of Palestinian journalists and researchers seeking to disseminate information on events in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip.