Thursday 26 May 2011

I'm off for some good ol happy clapping

Tonight I'm going to treat myself to a good ol conservative rabble-rousing in the hicks.

There's a fundy-tastes-like-a-real-Christan meeting in Atherton - they always select a quiet redneck rural town to whip the locals into a frenzy.

This is being put on by the so-called Australia Family Association and the National Civic Council, both homo-hating, leftie-hating enablers.

The speakers are talking about “What are the threats in the ‘Green Agenda’?” and “How the homosexual lobby views children.” Lovely.

The dinner at the Barron Valley pub will boast a who's-who of Tableland glitterati and business chiefs. Dr Michael McAuliffe will speak, as will Peter Westmore, the national president of the NCC, along with Tim Cannon of the AFA.

They're be joined by the local committee of the Civic Council comprises Pastors Robert Marshall and Thor Bouttell; Ed Collins; Diana Killen; Rosa Lee Long; Rev Leo Newell; Leo and Carol O’Connell; Pastors Phylis and Tim Pianta; K J Ramke; D R Walker, and Bob Stewart of Bob's Agricultural.

What is interesting is that there are two MPs involved in this joyous event. The mad MP for Kennedy, Bob Katter, who played a key role in the last election, and infamously said that there were no gays in his electorate, and if there was, he'd "walk backwards to Broome". What a tosser.

The other is Dalrymple MP Shane Knuth, from the old conservative school of the Nationals.

I'll be taking a couple of others along to see what this mob is up to. It should be fun, and I get a free meal out of it. I really thought these old rallies were dead and buried, but not it seems in a rural conservative post-Sir Joh Queensland.

As I'll be under-cover, wearing a long coat , dark glasses and moustache, I feel like I'll be on a Navy Seal assignment, ordered by Obama.
I'll duly file a report, complete with revealing pix, later, and dead bodies.


KitchenSlut said...

By the way the National Civic Council was an organisation associated with Bob Santarmaria, influential in the split of the catholic based anti-communist DLP from the ALP back in the cold war 50's. Tony Abbott was actually associated with this group as a student politician who became president of Sydney University SRC from his base at the associated Democratic Club in the 1970's. He wasn't a member of the Liberal Club at Sydney Uni at the time where one of the leaders was Tanya Coleman, now known as Tanya Costello, spouse of Peter Costello.

It may seem bizarre that a conservative Catholic could be elected to president of an SRC at an institution such as Sydney Uni, however this needs to be seen in context of the time where the Trotskyist opponents were even far more bizarre and intent on diverting compulsory fees to causes irrelevant to the life of most paying students! Hmmm ...... now that I think about that ..... perhaps not so much changes after all?

Bryan Law said...

Mike, I'm jealous! You'll love the Barron River pub, a really nice room to be in, Along with bobcat and the other one. Bobcat is always a good time.