Thursday 26 May 2011

Blair on his way to Oz and New Zealand

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who served from 1997- 2007, is about to make his first speaking appearance in Australasia since leaving office.

In July he will speak in New Zealand share his "unique insights and experiences in leadership, negotiation and innovation."

Blair, who spends around $386,000 on security guards annually, is selling tickets for his Australian event at $1500 a pop with a "happy snap included." $10,000 will get two people one of 60 spots at his Melbourne dinner on July 27th.

I was invited to pay $1200 to attend his dinner in Auckland.

I thought they didn't allow terrorists and war criminals into New Zealand?

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Terry Vance said...

The man is a monster, alright. There is a novel out called "Ghost Writer", in which the wife of a British Prime Minister, very suspiciously like Blair, turns out to be a key CIA operative, given specific instructions to advance the USA imperialist agenda in the UK. A writer's fantasy or not? Who knows.