Tuesday 17 May 2011

John Mackenzie allows Prime Minister's gay jibe

"You'll get me into trouble," was the only thing 4CA talkback host John Mackenzie said this morning as he allowed a phobic caller to vent his innuendo on radio this morning.

Mackenzie allowed a caller to slander the Prime Minister and her partner, Tim Mathieson.

"That Gillard boyfriend, he's gay, isn't he...." the caller said.

"Now, you'll get me into trouble," Mackenzie said, after allowing the comment to be broadcast.

Radio 4CA rarely ever enact the cut off switch for obscene callers. All broadcasters have a broadcast delay system, usually between 3 and 7 seconds. It's a method that delays broadcast of live material that allows the station to prevent profanity and undesirable material from making it to air.

Mackenzie's caller went on to further degrade the Prime Minister.

"If I ever get drunk enough to wake up next to her..." the caller said.

"Now I think you've gone to far," Mackenzie said, still allowing the offensive comments to be allowed on his show, before ending the call.

However this is mild when it come to the disgusting and racist rants that Mackenzie himself blurts out, and of course the station never engages the delay system when this happens - in an act of self-censorship.

If you really want to follow this vile radio jock, look no further than Hillbilly Watch where Mick Glennie tells it straight about this radio hostess.

Mackenzie's talkback has lost many of it's audience over recent years, as more get their news and information from online or social media. Current audience numbers are 3,900, made up of 1,700 male and around 2,200 female.
  • You can make a complaint to 4CA by email to Kim OLoughlin or telephone 4042 8000 or 0408 580 992.


Terry Vance said...

Small wonder we have all turned to social media to inform ourselves when someone who is so stuck in the 1950s like John Mackenzie exists on radio! He's about two decades past his expiry date, like his wig.

Deslie Gordon said...

Cairns needs a really good talkback radio program....with a GOOD talkback host at the helm. John Mackenzie is too busy running his own agendas. One of the great things about talkback radio is hearing a variety of opinions and ideas, sometimes different to your own, some you may agree with, others you may not, and sometimes you change your point of view once you hear other peoples perspectives on matters. John Mackenzies program sadly rarely offers anything outside his own views, opinions and what HE wants. It's becoming increasingly apparent just how one eyed he is. In my humble opinion, for what it's worth....it's time to go; JOHN MACKENZIE!! Bring in someone who will listen to all sides, allow debate and varying opinions..someone who really is interested in what's best for the entire city...not just himself.

Harry Morton, Gordonvale said...

Your take on Mackenzie was spot on. Your program is magnificent

Tony Hillier said...

Yeh, Deslie, time to put 'ol Rugnut and his myopic, bile duct of a program out to pasture. Mind you, are any of our locally broadcast commercial radio stations capable of airing anything balanced, let alone thought-provoking? The sector is anathema to anyone with a modicum of intelligence

Incidentally, has 'ol ruggie been fooling Cairns blogites about THE hairpiece or is the page 3 story in today's Cairns Post a red herring?

KitchenSlut said...

The Compost also has a video of the deed. However, all this shows is an already rugless scalp entirely covered in shaving cream. This could be as big as Saddam's WMD,911 truthing, Obama birthing, or the fake moon landing conspiracy?

Terry Vance said...

Interesting to watch Gavin King fondly "shaving" rugnut's chrome dome on television tonight. I can't help speculating what is the exact nature of the King/Mackenzie relationship? Judging by the continuous synchronisation of their political commentary which would require constant contact, the relationship is a close one. The age difference should rule out "mateship" as we know it. It would stretch the imagination to breaking point to imagine these two in a tinny somewhere up at Cape York catching barra, while swigging down an esky of stubbies. So what is it? Svengali, paiderastia?