Saturday 9 January 2010

Print for the Radio handicapped

To be absolutely honest, the only valuable programming I've been able to find on Cairns community radio 89.1FM is a daily "service" where local news is read. Unfortunately it's confined to the local Compost.

This is a service designed for those that can't read the Cairns Post, God help them, or other newspapers for that matter. We call them visually-impaired these days. Remember when you grew up, it was "blind." We then turfed out that word. I recall when we stopped saying "handicapped" and replaced it with "disabled."

However, the poor ol Cairns community radio still uses that derogatory word in a daily programme they call Radio for the Print-Handicapped. It's a great idea. Those that can't read because of a visual impairment, can tune the dial every weekday at 5pm and listen to local presenters read the Cairns Post cover to cover. It's just like John Mackenzie, but without brown envelopes and "free" property developer picnics.

Rob Farquhar is my fav readers on community radio, with a voice so smooth you'd think he'd be a gay flight attendant, or at least help out when they're busy. His other half Vickie assures me he's not. I'll take her word for it.

Now, with all this explosive Cairns community radio drama going on, I asked a friend the other day, when - or if - the Cairns Post does something on this debacle, I wonder how they will go reading it out on air during Radio for the Print-Handicapped.

"We're rolling around laughing at the idea," my friend said. "You should put it in the Blog or at least add it as a comment!"

I assured her if the Post ever did pick up that tale, I'd share this funny. I wonder if it's sycophantic to laugh out loud at your own humour, or is it like when a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, does it still make a noise? Or if a man speaks in the woods and there is no woman there to hear him, is he still wrong?

Anyway, I digress. Back to this tale.

You can imagine my surprise when Friday morning the Post did finally publish a story and move the debate from CairnsBlog - with a small audience of just over 5,400 - to a thing called a newspaper that our grandmothers used to line the sock drawer with. This was the first time since the drama unfolded at the community radio AGM over three months ago. It was about dam time.

Brad Ryan, who could have been a porn star with a name like that, and the latest addition at the Abbott Street office, penned an initial story of the horrible situation. He recounts, in minor detail about how president Coutts, and his loony tunes vice squad Blaauw, has got this community radio into such a pickle and one almighty bloody angry mess. Just ask Cairns Regional Councillors Linda Cooper or Diane Forsyth.

Yesterday I made a point of tuning in for the Radio for the Print-Handicapped programme, or Print for the Radio Handicapped, as it should be called. Alas, they skipped over Brad's story. Not a mention. Zip. Nowhere to be heard. I think Captain Mainwaring must have rounded up the papers and tore that bit off the top of page eight, before those pesky readers got there paws on a copy.

Never mind, help is at hand for all those carers and responsible parents out there. Simply go grab the free text to voice reader software, then just highlight any block of text on your screen and hit CTRL and F9. Presto.

You can then select any of fine stories on the Cairns community radio circus on CairnsBlog. Don't worry, there's a lot more to come, especially the "chat" president Rodney Coutts had with Michael Hyams, it's a real shocker. So stay tuned. Here's the links:-

Here's how it works...


Col Johnson said...

This, besides being untrue, is offensive to all those good people who make the time and effort to compile and present any programmes on FM 89.1.

I cite Peter Cresswell and Roy Lauder.

They present and produce shows that are informative and entertaining. Community radio is not an audio blog for the whingers who contribute to the Michael Moore complaints show.

It's charter does include musical programmes such as the aforesaid. These shows give exposure to music, especially Australian tracks, that get no exposure on any other medium or radio station.

Brian G, Kewarra said...

What col, to the three or four people, all who are dodgy committee members, that tune in?

gimme a break!!!!!! u have an ego and the radio have no credibility nor audience. full stop

An early days member of 4CCR said...

The same elevator music you were playing fifteen years ago Col? You wouldn't know music if your life depended on it. What you do like is once again being comfortably ensconced in a private radio club that limits community involvement just like in the early days of 4CCR when you were a board member. Maybe I could get Mike to publish some minutes I have of the meetings back in those days.

Michael P Moore said...

So you've jumped back to the "I Love Rod Courtts" camp again Col? Hard to know which side of the fence you are on every other week!

Col Johnson said...

Michael: Why do you see everything in black and white? I am not on anyone's "side". I am my own person and hold independent views which include a dislike of people whose only claim to fame is whinge.

We Australians are the world champions at it whilst achieving NOTHING. I don't give a stuff about people who live in the past with minutes 15 or more years old.

Times change and so do people! The station was on a rocky road to ruin by those who were wrecking it in 1990! What happened to the money they stole?

This is not to excuse any misdeeds since. I am not on the management committee yet there are malcontents itching to have a go at me. Why? Because I am an achiever and they are not. It's the tall poppy syndrome.

I hope Michael your aim is to seek a better outcome for FM 89.1 and not just a campaign to ruin it as it is now.

Michael P Moore said...

You can be totally assured Col, that my only objective, and that oin the huge number of peoplle that have approached me since the September AGM, after the Arona mob's departure, is that we have a successful and inclusive community radio.

I also hope that the investigative audit will proceed and hopefully charges laid.

Under Coutts, and his violent yet dumb deputy Blaauw, we are worse off by 100 times. At least the Arona folk didn't stoop to this level with physical violence to woman and City Councillors - just wanted to get paid $20,000 each for "volunteering"!

Put it on rtecord here Col, that you don't endorse what Rodney Coutts and Blaauw are doing. I hope you will.

Col Johnson said...

PS. I notice all these whingers don't have the guts to use their real names!!!!!!!

Rob Farquhar said...

(commenting on his own blog):

Flattery Gets You Nowhere. The community radio station I volunteer for is going through some turbulent times at the moment, and a local blogger has been investigating. I can't comment as to the accuracy of his articles, but I will draw your attention to this one, where he mentions my show, Radio for the Print Handicapped.

I'd like to make two comments with regard to this:

1."Print Handicapped" doesn't refer to just blind people or folks with other visual impairments, it also means folks whose eyesight is fine but can't read (probably a needless comment, as Mike Moore is a born stirrer).

2.Honey, you only wish!

Williamson (member of 4CCR - June 2008 said...

Col, what do u mean "being untrue"???

First, I think Michael presented it as his opinion... secondly... "to all those good people who make the time and effort to compile and present any programmes on FM 89.1."

What.. grab a few CDs and throw em in the player? Wall to wall musick every every programme.. and you call that Community Radio?

Mate where all the local community groups on this so-called "community radio"? They're not there. They haven't for years and tears. It's a sad despot of a place. No wonder you're so comfortable there.

An early days member of 4CCR said...

Oh also Col, speaking of ripping off money, please explain, as a long time member of 4CCR, you allowed the recent management committee to personally rip of thousands of dollars as stipends without for a minute thinking it could compromise their integrity as board members of a community organisation?

Col Johnson, presenter 4CCR said...

Michael, as requested by you I did answer your challenge to state my position regarding FM 89.1 and I see you have decided not to publish it; but that's ok. Despite all the attempts by the nameless cowards who subscribe to your blog as well as your input I will not play the man. I will continue to play the game. I have had differences of opinion with everyone you have mentioned and this is part of a healthy debate within an organisation. Some of the statements you have published border on the insane. For example how would someone like me prevent the alleged misappropriation of funds when no details of such were ever released? The idea is ludicrous! Instead of writing to your blog it is time the cowards got off their backsides and actually did something constructive. Trouble is they don't have it in them.

CairnsBlog said...

Col, what do u mean "I didn't publish your position on the Blog" ?? I don't withhold any comment that go on the Blog.

If you have attempted to publish a comment directly on the blog (below the story) and it doesn't appear, then it would appear you have incorrectly put in the access verification name that Google requests. If you're having problems with it Col, just email me your comment to and I'll gladly post it on your behalf under your name.

Secondly, if a comment is posted on the CairnsBlog FaceBook page it is automatically published on CairnsBlog (they are linked).

You will see on this story, that there are a number of your comments published. What is missing?

As I said, I don't withhold comments, ever - only if they are personally defamatory - which, I have to say, is rare.

Michael Moore

4CCR member and former presenter said...

Hey Col

I bet you NEVER asked or QUESTIONED about what Arona was up to over the last ten years. Did you? Not once.

We all knew what was going on with Arona and the boards before them, including Col.

Though I was surprised how much money Neils Briet was taking.

Maybe that's why nothing was released Col Johnson!!!!???

Col Johnson, presenter 4CCR said...

Well Michael at least now you are aware of where I stand.

I am quite happy to be of assistance but any comments from nameless cowards will be ignored.

Col Johnson, presenter 4CCR said...

Michael, just to set the record straight I abhor violence and always will.

As stated previously I was not present when the fracas took place and there are always 2 sides to every story.

The violence aside was the meeting open to the public or just members?

Were the people wanting access members or non-members? Reading between the lines it appears they were applicants for membership and therefore not eligible to attend until after the applications had been accepted.

I see errors on both sides and can only assume in the electrified atmosphere generated all rational discussion vanished.

I reiterate for those with single digit IQs - The violence was inexcusable.

N. Coward said...

"Times change and so do people! The station was on a rocky road to ruin by those who were wrecking it in 1990! What happened to the money they stole?"
Sorry Col, my ego is not big enough to put my name to this comment which might make me a coward in your eyes, but I would like to hear more about this, along with the evidence for such claims.

CairnsBlog said...

Col, it's all rather simple. Three legit members turned up to added a meeting of the committee that was advertised.

They took along two Cairns Regional Councillors as their guests.

They also had their membership applications and payment. All forms were seconded and proposed by members.

Coutts announced they were on the wrong coloured paper - a stalling tactic that Arona had used many times - but hold no legal weight at all.

Pieter Blaauw then threw all the forms out the door into the corridor and locked the door behind. The rest is on record.

Then Blaauw violently assaulted Cr Diane Forsyth and pushed her and slammed the door right when she was in between the doorway.

It is he who needs to be removed from the committee without any delay.

Members are entitled to take guests along to these meetings - it has been the case previously on many occasions. There is also a high level of interest from the Council now that Coutts is running the place into the ground.

I have a series of articles the document all the events post the September 28th AGM that will be published this coming week.

By the way, I resent you calling CairnsBlog and all my efforts the "Michael Moore Complaints Show", especially after you met with me and told me all your concerns about Coutts after he told you to stay away from me.

Michael Moore

Letstalk said...

You say Coutts is running the place into the ground, where's the proof , no facts have come from your blog about this person and what he is supposedly doing wrong, as for the meeting that took place , wasn't it a management meeting from my understanding and did the two councellors go there as just guests or counsellors if so should they not have advised the centre of this as they where going onto private property as councellors.

And the photo's taken I am surprised whoever took these is not in the shit as this is a shopping centre and I know it is illegal to take photo's in a shopping centre.

Too me it seems a little OFF

Witness to Wednesday night said...

Since we know that's you Mr Pieter Blaauw that wrote under "Letstalk" (as we know you have difficulty with the English language, and also we saw your ISP tracking!) why don't you try and defend the violence you poured out on Councillor (correct spelling) Diane Forsyth?

There is NO excuse for that behaviour.

I'm just glad the Police are investigating your behaviour.

Diane Jensen said...

Re: Radio for the Print Handicapped
This is to reiterate what Rob Farquhar wrote -it's not just for people who cannot see.
4CCR are not the people who invented this wording - we follow the protocols of the Australian Council for Radio for the Print Handicapped Co-op Ltd which have a website if you care to look at it.
Also it is entirely up to the readers of the day which articles they read.
Co-ordinator for RHP 4CCR
Diane Jensen

Another former 4CCR member said...

It is interesting that Diane Jensen is defending against minor criticism of 4CCR programming but is deafeningly silent on the real story, the events of 6 March which she witnessed.

She is part of an un-elected committee headed by Coutts. Where were you calls for decency, transperancy and respect on Wednesday night Diane, as you witnessed first hand from your Blaauw bunker, whilst another Diane bring physicslly assulted by YOUR vice squard president?

You are as spineless as the fake master you suck up to. You'd better get ready for the storm that's about to hit you and your mob.

If you freaked out last Wednesday, you ain't seem nothng yet sister. And don't forget one thing, you will personally have to answer for the illegal carry ons as you take part in and are voting in Coutts' sham mixed marriage.

Has Rod sent you 70 txt messages as well yet?

Michael P Moore said...

Can Nigel Banning pls email

umpire said...

Don't waste your time Dianne. The cretins have their own aggenda and will take no notice of what you say


Diane Jensen said...

Yes it is interesting isn't it?
Diane Jensen

Cairns Resident said...

Isn’t it a shame when money is wasted on this petty crap! Hetty Johnston is currently trying to find Government funding to continue services at Brave Hearts what a pity we can take that wasted Government money on 4CCR, and give it to Brave Hearts.
Brave Hearts is a true community benefit.
If 4CCR had to get its operational money from the Cairns Community (as it once did) this mess would sort itself real quick

Warren Entsch said...

Is that the same Brave Hearts that gets the kiddies for the fat cats? Did they get some for the Cairns Post as well?

Did Gavin and Kev get one/some?
Is Kimmy after one for Paul?
Bryan, the Bishop and Pope one each behind the font?
Did the PM get some little boys and the opposition too? Little Johnny, any news? Waney Swan?
Does Prince Phillip get little boys from Brave Hearts? Noely P?

Book in at Brave Hearts?