Friday 15 January 2010

A love letter from another fan

I received another fan letter.

It wasn't from Paul Freebody, Kevin Byrne or even Alan Blake, all who have enjoyed corresponding with me over the years.

This one was from 60-year-old Labor party supporter John Tuite, who helped with Val Schier's and Jim Turnour's election campaigns. In fact, Jim thanked Mr T in his maiden speech back in 2008.

"G'day Mate, I took a instant dislike of you from the moment we met at brothers club when, Val won the election," John Tuite wrote to me.

"My own view of you - you have zero relativence [sic] in a substantive debate - all you seek is to devide [sic] which I shall not enter - try as you may, perhaps,you could consider THE CENTER.
Cheers, John."

I've got to say I don't really recall this not-so-gentleman, other than one passing hello that dark dusky night as Val toppled Kev.

John comes from the right-wing of the ALP and moved here from NSW, who wants Kerry O'Keeffe For Prime Minister. On his Facebook page, he counts Richie Bates, Alison Alloway and Cairns Regional Councillor Kirsten Lesina as his "friends".

"I hope that I shall be around to annoy most family, friends and colleauges [sic] for the next 1000 years for my sins," he says.

I might shout John a few drinks when I next see him, or has he already had too many?


exlabor said...

John is an labor supporter that did have a big hand in getting jim "rocket mumbles" turnour elected , but he is not going public and saying he made a huge mistake .

JKR said...

Is this the same John Tuite that ran for NSW Parliament in 1988?

Leuco Gaster said...

The notion that this bloke had any significant role in Jim's election is ridiculous, that he has any influence now is even more ridiculous. I can't imagine why Mike Moore bothered to respond to his attention-seeking correspondence.