Friday 29 January 2010

Bellview on Abbott becomes Bellspew in Gutter

The Bellview on the Cairns Esplanade has been outed for some dirty smelly business.

The owners also manage the old Fettas restaurant building on Abbott Street, that adjoins the rear of their hotel.

Fettas, once a popular Greek eatery, is now a dormant vacant block, and a temporary smoker's rest stop for workers of the neighbouring Virgina House where a bunch of radio folk reside. The balcony has come a massive rubbish bin for anything and everything.
The former dining patio has been littered with all sorts of trash, empty coffee cups, chip packets, soft drink cans, and those bloody cigarette butts.
"I was pleased to see them cleaning the trash ridden area up," inner-city worker Brad told CairnsBlog.
"My satisfaction turned to horror as I watched this person continue to sweep all of this rubbish right into the gutter!"
On Wednesday afternoon, around 2pm, Rodney from Bellview (we know this piece of intelligence due to a secretly displayed name badge on his Bellview uniform), was giving the now Souvlakia-free balcony a much-needed spruce up.
"I'm sure it can't be legal to take rubbish from private property and dispose of it on the street this way," Brad said who was disgusted that a representative from tourism-dependent organisation had such blatant disregard for the appearance of the city.

"What chance does the Cairns Regional Council have to keep the city clean and presentable, when people treat it with such disrespect."
Both Mayor Schier and CBD Councillor Alan-the-street-is-my-office-Blake was advised of the incident.
"I can understand your concern and will pass this on to the the Bellview, and request that the management ensure that such activities do not continue," Mayor Val Schier said. "Thanks for taking the time out to alert us to an activity which is having an adverse impact on the look of our city."
"A big thumbs-down to Bellview," Brad says. "Totally appalling behaviour."
Oh, and Councillor Blake responded...
  • From: Alan Blake
    Date: 28th January, 2010

    Thanks Brad, I will talk to the Bellview mgr tomorrow.
    Cheers AB

The Bellview didn't respond.

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