Thursday 21 January 2010

Cyclone Neville turned out to be a girl's blouse


Wendy Richardson said...

How long have you been in FNQ Mike? ;-)

It's too early to say Neville's down for the count.

Its very common for cyclones to wheel about out in the Coral Sea spinning about like yo-yo's building and losing momentum as they sit over warm water and bounce off coastlines.

They often go up and down the coast and even back and forth across the Cape, before finally disappearing.

I'd keep a calm but close watch still on this one, like all others, till its a lot further away.

Steve Brech said...

...Wendy if someone really wants to find out about the local weather, any computer literate person visits the BOM and indulges in pointless musings on the future trajectory of the wind & rain.

As you may've noticed this blog contains comment on real issues laced with humour and sarcasm.

Sometimes cairnsblog contains a little liight relief from the often self-righteousis "mainstream" press who constantly inflate and over-indulge in headline grabbing hype.


I also take issue with your attitude of, 'I was born in the Far North, therefore I'm a local and know everything about [insert issue], based on years of experience'.

With that logic, you're going to have to give up seeking political office. There's no possibility you can ever speak with authority on any subject in Parliament, because you haven't lived through every situation you may have to speak about, since birth.

If however, you were to eventually gain a portfolio in the next LNP Government you will have to resign straight away because you will not have been in the portfolio since childhood.

You may also have to live in Brisbane for 20-30 years before speaking as an expert on local resturants or be able to comment about Brisbane's weather.

I grew up in Darwin and went through 4 or 5 cyclones. I tried the now little heard of and under-utelised meteorlogical tool of looking out the window and listening to the radio.

Until I hear the siren, I'll continue to be amused by the stories various media outlet's present. If, however, I want truth I will inquire into the issue myself.

Oliver Redlynch said...

:-) Lets hope Neville doesn't end up making Mike eat his words.

Smithfield Sam said...

I too prefer to look at the BOM website directly. Bad hairpiece denizen John "fill my pockets" Mackenzie gets positively delirious when describing the possibility of a cyclone. Yesterday, his drool was coming out of my radio he was so hopeful of a cyclone - a time when he drones on for 24 hours at a stretch.

The sadness in his voice when he described it as "ex-cyclone Neville" was palpable.

Mr Rabbit said...

When the Little to No Policy/ What climate change /Mann's Hockey stick /leaked emails /scientists are liars mob get in by default next election, the first thing they should do is ban those commie tree hugging hippy socialist cyclones. If we want to clear land and flatten trees we'll do it our OWN way!

nokissandtell said...

I think a girls blouse should be left open to form whatever it wants.