Tuesday 19 January 2010

SECRET VIDEO: Community radio rejecting members without reason

On Monday, president of Cairns Community Radio Rodney Coutts sent out up to 15 rejection letters to members of the community, by registered post. Cairns Regional Councillor Di Forsyth, former station president Denis Walls and manager Tony Hillier were amongst them

This directly influenced the ACMA to launch a new investigation as a serious breach of the station's licence.

What you are about to see, will be used in the investigation against Rod Coutts, Pieter Blaauw and the co-opted committee that was formed with no legal quorum in October after six members left in disgust at Coutts' behaviour. Since then, he has been of a path of destruction to eliminate anyone that speaks out against his word.

The quality of the sound and video is poor in parts, however there are a number of shocking revelations contained in the 25 minutes. As soon as Bryan Law declares he's recording the proceedings, Coutts orders a security guard to remove him.

You will see first-hand the contempt he has for those that question him and the control he employs to block anyone who wants to join Cairns community radio, and on what terms. Coutts and Blaauw also "interview" the prospective member asking why he wants to join and what things he's done in the community etc, a practice strongly ruled out by ACMA in writing to the Station just 8 months ago, when the former Arona-controlled committee wanted to undertake the same exclusionary tactics.

Coutts is simply out of control, and is caught out lying on camera about the endorsement of Federal MP Jim Turnour, and the regulatory bodies, saying they are all happy with what he is doing.

It's gritty real video and gold Blog fodder. Enjoy, if you can.


Chris said...

im not much of a fan of bryan but he did a great job with this argument.

and getting the point across

JJ O'Brien said...

I am following this absolutely incredible story about the radio - are these guys from another planet?

Unbelievable. Well done for championing this story - I for one would have never even conceived that this shit could be going on.

Nigel Banning said...

Wow.... this video takes me back to how it must have been in South Africa during the days of Apartheid and White/Afrikaner domination.

These guys are a transplant from the dark past and are sadly sowing their miss deeds right here in Cairns. Not to mention Pieter with his Dutch ancestry, it is scary reality.

I call on the ACMA to dissolve this rabble, masquerading as a Management Committee. It must withdraw the licence to Broadcast until such time as a democratically elected Management Committee is in place.

Mr Jim Turnour MHR must intervene to this end. The electorate is looking for leadership!!

Doreen K said...

revalations like this expose make the cairns post look ,like a ,.. well, you know what!

Bobby the Tank Engine said...

That Blaauw wanker just ruined my breakfast.

kuiam1 said...

Can't believe Bryan was sent to do other peoples dirty work, was all of this legal???
Bryan just proved that he can not be trusted by anyone in Cairns or Australia anymore wow. Stay away from him on the streets, he could be recording you ( male/ female & children) on video and for what I don't want to know!!!!!!!! mmmmm thats sick!
Stick the what you do best Bryan, have a go at the yanks, not the community of Cairns!
They had a right to kick you out! Good one Rod & Pieter!

Bryan Outlaw said...

Secretly videotaping someone without their agreement is a crime.

I realise Bryan Law is no stranger to committing crimes. However it's a crime nonetheless.

I hope he's prosecuted, however it sounds like he's drunk during it so he may have a defence.

Bryan Law said...

Poor kuiam 1, you must have a problem with your self-confidence and self-esteem.

I reckon it’s a good idea to act ALL the time as if one’s words and deeds are being scrutinised by one or more of God/big brother/your friends and community. That way you can always be proud of who you are and what you do.

It is absolutely lawful to record a conversation that one is part of. Police, for instance, do it all the time.

If you ever want to say something to me in confidence, have the decency to ask, and I’ll give you an honest answer before you say it. I almost never agree to confidentiality with public figures, spending public money and/or involved with public issues (but I will agree if it involves personal matters that could damage a life or reputation).

By getting the “management committee” to reject my application without cause, and by refusing to give me reasons, I believe that Rod Coutts abused his executive authority in relation to a community asset. When I spoke to him it wasn’t a private matter at all. Not even close.

What is wrong do you think with Rod’s words and actions being available for public scrutiny. The video will certainly help ACMA in its investigation of Rod and Pieter’s behaviour.

p.s. I don't do other people's dirty work, and I don't ask anyone else to do mine. I do what I need to out of my own volition, and I hope you do too - whoever you are.


Re Comments made by kuiam1 who said...
“Can't believe Bryan was sent to do other peoples dirty work”

Can anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time honestly believe that Bryan would used in the manner you suggest?

Bryan is, well - Bryan. And Bryan does what Bryan thinks is right, and what Bryan wants to do.

Has anyone ever tried to get him to do something he did not want to do?

Dr Tony Hill said...

Dunno who kuiam1 is , but Brian Outlaw has been a serious Bryan Law stalker for some time now. You know like the kind you see on those profiler cop shows on TV. It's frightening to think what Mr Outlaw has pinned to the walls in his bedroom.

margaret said...

Hi Constance,
I am Bryan's wife and I HAVE tried to get him to things he does not want to do.
I agree - its virtually impossible!


Bernie said...

I have just viewed the 3 secret videos.

What an abrasive, antagonistic, autocratic, bombastic, overbearing unapproachable pair that Blaauw and Coutts are.

Will someone pull their shirt tails and tell them we don’t live nor act like those that run Zimbabwe. We live in a democratic society which I doubt either of those 2 cretins would know too much about.

This is the very same attitude that the community down south had to put up with until the corrupt committee was outed at the last Annual General Meeting.

On visiting the station site I find that there is no access to the Constitution that Blaauw and Coutts referred to so often. Obviously there is a definite lack of transparency where 4CCR is concerned as well as a lack of accountability. The community is unable to access any worthwhile information prior to deciding whether to apply for membership or not. What a rabble, what have they got to hide?

Keep up the good fight guys and rid yourself of the rubbish.

Good fight guy said...

What have they got to hide Bernie?


Andrew said...

I have seen the videos, and I have read the blog entries.

It seems like there is virtual seige in progress against the present management of the radio station.

I think to look from a further distance may be required.

If the new group was to take over the management of the radio station, how would it deal with the issues that affect it, especially:

1. It's reliance on ethnic programs for financial survival,

2. The severe lack of business support and sponsors. From reading these reports there is only ONE sponsor, at say $150 per month is not big money !

3. The excessively diverse nature of the programs, and resulting lack of consistency in its branding and limited audience.

4. and whether the new group will make any significant difference to anything at all, given the long entrenched nature of many of the prorams and presenters, some of whom have been with the station for many years.

The problem faced by Cairns FM is fixable to some degree. Yes people may be admitted as members, they may be elected to the committee, they may be able to prove their "free and democratic" credentials - but still have to face up to the reliance on ethnic programs for income, and the lack of business confidence in the product produced by the station.

Any ew committee is needing to be make some tough decisions to change the product ad the station sound, so that it still remains community based but offers greater consistency. Some programs will have to go ! Some people will have to be reassigned duties and responsibilities, and others will be no longer required in such a new order.

This may affect quite a few people, however WOULD any elected new committee do this, and cause scorn on itself from its members and supporters through such actions ?

And what to do with the large number of hours of ethnic programs ? If they were to be axed, the station would simply collapse. The ethnic programs could group together to form a new Cairns Ethnic Community Radio and Cairns FM would be the biggest loser, and the people of cairns would have no community radio at all.

Things to consider, while you're all angrily beating each other over the head with big sticks, police reports, proxy fights etc