Thursday 7 January 2010

If you kiss a toad, you'll turn into a toad

Gripping intellectual breaking journalism today from the Cairns Post's Ben Blomfield: "Pics of snake eating toad."
In-between my day job, I'll stick to local politics and the community radio corruption for the time being.
I'm sure Ben will get a Thomas Chamberlain-sized gong for his investigative reporting.
As a mark of respect, I will tonight find a toad, squashed in a roadside gutter, and drop it off at the office for Ben. It will be a constant reminder where he can find stories.

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Fishy stuff said...

Re the recent stunning journalism: I see in Compost dated Tuesday 5th January, page 2 offers an article on the reef. I was also surprised to see, and I suspect Professor Bellwood would be too, that STURGEON are now frequenting these waters. I suspect, Daniel Bateman, the professor said SURGEON!