Monday 4 January 2010

The Queen, Rupert and Me available for sale from CairnsBlog

Following the exclusive extract featured on CairnsBlog from Desmond Zwar's autobiographical The Queen, Rupert and Me, I can now offer limited copies for sale.
Zwar was the former editor and publisher of Cairns community newspaper Focus News from 1971 to 1989. He lived in Leo McKern's historic Stratford home for 23 years, which he describes in his biography, The Queen, Rupert and Me.
UK Journalist of the Year, Phillip Knightley, described Desmond’s career as a tradition of brash boys from the Australian bush making good in cosmopolitan Fleet Street.
"Zwar was there when British journalism was at its best, and from stories about the Queen to film stars, politicians and scandals he confirmed the Fleet Street view that there was no one better able to dig out the real story than an Aussie.
  • This is a funny, engrossing memoir of a golden age. It is a riveting memoir and a fascinating tale, encapsulating the heart and soul of journalism in a thoroughly entertaining way. I am in awe of his writing talent. It reminded me of George Johnston’s `My Brother Jack’ a generation on.”
    - Professor Mark Pearson, Head of Journalism at Bond University.

  • “He has worked for the Melbourne Herald, the London Daily Mail and has written two books on the post-war Nazis, including one on Hess himself, The Loneliest Man in the World eventually published in 12 languages. Zwar has also written the definitive book on Rupert Murdoch’s father, Sir Keith. He is not a man to be dismissed.”
    - The Australian.
If you'd like to purchase your own copy, or one for a friend, they're only $26. Just drop me an email or call and leave a message on the CairnsBlog info line 0428 235 660.

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