Thursday 21 January 2010

Steve Wettenhall MP pays final union fees

In a final twist following ALP's Barron Biver MP Steve Wettenhall resigning his ETU membership, he has decided to pay an $457 outstanding membership fee that was in dispute.

"I have not received from the ETU a final notice of fees due," Steve Wettenhall writes.

"Instead, I have received telephone calls from a firm called Commercial Credit Services and most recently, a letter of demand from Aston Reid Lawyers threatening legal action to recover the alleged debt to the union."
Steve Wettenall says there is no legal basis to recover the alleged debt."

"However, as I have no wish to put your members to the expense of unsuccessful legal action by their union, I have decided to remit to you, without admission of liability, the amount of $457," Steve Wettenhall said.

Wettenhall has instructed the union to donate the money to a charity or "for the benefit of members who may be out of work or otherwise financially disadvantaged."


Stuey Traill said...

Good Riddance,
We were given a promise before the last election and we have been ratted on by a Lawyer turned politician.
Once bitten twice shy and the ETU is better off without these sort of turncoats as members.
At least I won't have to stand out in the stinking hot sun handing out how to votes followed by the usual backslapping only to be forgotten the very next day.

Unknown said...


Can alictricians joint the QLD Law Society ? What is a bloody lawyer doing in the ETU anyway...

Stuey Traill said...

There is not much electricians can't do mate, only joking.
No we can't join the Law Society, Wettenhall joined the ETU in 2006 due to us being a Left Faction Union and due to the support we gave him.
That support was also forthcoming in 2009 based on promises he gave us and since ratted on.
Politicians generally pick and choose Unions that are either aligned with their field of work or their principles.
Steve obviously chose the ETU due to the principles of our Union. He has stated in the past that he was a proud member of a great union, the ETU.
The ETU's principles have not changed but Steves obviously have.

A bright spark said...

Every unionist knows when his dues are required to be paid ,your weak as piss excuse is not acceptable !
You would not be getting phone calls from a debt collector if you were financial , you must be a low life unfinancial member sucking the use of union benefits , germs like you should be sued and thrown out of the union ,on your salary for being a waste of space is disgusting to real electricans.