Thursday 28 January 2010

Ronan Keating pic leaked

Irish boy band singer Ronan Keating performed at the Cairns Convention Centre tonight.

A CairnsBlog loyalist, MMS'ed this kinda dodgy pic to me soon after he hit the stage.

"Crappy phone camera, not looking good," the message said. He or she signed the message: "Tina Turn her." Yeah, right.


Factman said...

He did a great version of the Oils "Beds are Burning" - Fantabulous

Fiona Tulip said...

Went to the concert too and really tried to enjoy Ronin and Tina.

What spoilt the show for us, was
1. a group of women behind us, who continued to talk most of the way thru Tina's performance.

2. literally hundreds of people sitting around us continued getting up throughout the performances to;
a) go to the toilet
b) go and take photos down by the stage
c)go and get food and drink. One guy directly in front of us got his girlfriend to go and get him a sausage roll and sauce half way through Tina's act. There was a constant procession of people up and down the stairs for all sorts of reasons, but it really spoilt the pleasure for others of being at a live concert.

3. One mother brought a newborn baby and that cried on and off through the performances.

4) A mother with two small children aged about 3 and 4 were sitting about two rows away. If the kids weren't about to fall over the wire railing, they were tottering on the stairs, with the mother having to run to the rescue of one or both about every 2 minutes.

5) some taking photos, must have taken about 50 so just how many photos of Ronin is enough?

Crowd behaviour on the whole was good, but spoilt by some who should have left their kids and bad manners at home!

Chuck Darwin said...

Fiona, let's face it.

The "locals" in this town are hillbillies.

You should see the bad behaviour when the Queensland Symphony comes to town!

KitchenSlut said...

It was an excellent performance!

Not sold out with spare seats in the bleachers but despite the hefty price compared to the typical Civic or Tanks performance (which I frequently attend) I thought this was good value with two high profile performers really putting out most importantly they looked like they were enjoying themselves and wanted to give!

Tina gave almost an hour and Ronan almost two and both had their heart in it! Good value!

P.S. Fiona I didn't encounter your problems despite being also on the wire and found the sms photographers funny in a way rather than anything although dont disagree with your personal opinion? Were they there to experience the event or take photos which seemed to be the primary objective of many!?

I do recall the crying baby and wondering why any responsible parent with appropriate consideration for other people would bring an infant baby to such an event?

Hey Factman? Was that you up apeing Garret and gyrating to 'beds are burning' as part of the CRC contingent and TTNQ with a Val wig waving above your head?