Saturday 9 January 2010

New Cairns weather cam

There's a new live video feed from the Scott and Aumuller Streets roundabout, looking towards the Cairns city. It also displays weather data.

Creator Graeme Smith says he'll be adding more links like the BOM sites.

"At this stage it is live 24 hours a day, which might be interesting if a cyclone comes our way," Graeme says.


stinhambo said...


It's all in Flash and the UI is amateurish.

Interesting info though if you can view it.

lets encourage developers said...

Works fine for me - Do you have your own weather site stinkyhambo? - or is it a case of always being easier to critise someone elses endeavours!

Stinkyfinger said...

Stinkyhambo is right.

Another website that makes Cairns look like the home of rubes and hillbillies does no one any good.

Give some Cairns High student $50 and I'm sure he'll come up with something nice and useful.

Unknown said...

The flash side of things is generated by the weather station/monitor itself.

This place is just full of idiots waiting to attack each other.

I for one appreciate what he has done, and wish more could be positioned around the city.

Oliver Redlynch said...

Stinkyfinger, its an attitude like that which stinks, whilst I don't doubt a Cairns Highschool student can write a $50 website, it actually takes training, experience, and design skills to produce a proper reliable eye-catching website now-a-days, as no end of excellent Cairns web engineers will attest. (Would you get same student to build your house?) Yes it would certainly be nice to have more cameras around the city, but even this site isn't working at the moment with no video feed being currently displayed. So quite frankly you get what you pays for. THOUGH that said, the website and the subsequent publicity in the blog has certainly achieved for Graeme what he set out to do - advertise his HeatPump business - and for that, he has to be congratulated. (Now if only I could get a webcam overlooking the White Cockatoo to advertise my business ;-)

Steven Nowakowski said...

This website is great. Well done..!! It compliments the BOM website and has a local webcam to boot. Five stars for trying.!!

brad m said...

The website works just fine on the worlds most commonly used browser.