Tuesday 12 January 2010

Avatar is a unique experience

It's hard to know where to start when you want to scribe about seeing a movie experience like Avatar.
On Sunday evening I trekked along to Cairns Central cinema, topped up on popcorn and collected something that looked like Auntie Joyce's old Sunday reading glasses.
My Kiwi friends Jude and Pete from Clifton Beach gave it a good review, so I finally headed in to see what all the fuss was about. I like to do a little background research before heading to the movies - just basic stuff like who's behind it and the basic plot outline. Seeing it was created by James Cameron, the mastermind behind Titanic, The Terminator, and True Lies, I suspected it was going to be good.
Although 3D technology has been around for 100 years, it became popular cinema in the 50's and 60's when there was real excitement, but with the advent of stunning computer effects following pioneering on Lord of the Rings, director Cameron waited almost ten years to make use of the evolving art.
He spent around $280 million creating the experience, and without trying to review this in any way, I want to say that it's a truly amazing engulfing experience - especially in 3D. The attention to detail in Pandora's forest, is nothing short of spell-binding - what you could only put in a dream - and comes to life in a way that you can almost touch.
Rodney Hudson, creator of the "I want a waterpark" Facebook group, said he wasted 3 hours of his life seeing Avatar. That said, I'll leave it up to those that have seen it, to scribe their feelings and observations.


colin riddell said...

I am 57 yrs young and don,t like computer cinema ,but this is the best piece of cinema I have ever seen and would see it again , unreal , not the best movie just the best creativity I have seen.

Carl Butcher said...

Avatar was fantastic. I've seen it twice in 3D and looking to see it a 3rd time.

Anyone who has not seen this movie on the big screen needs to get to Central cinemas before it ends.

Oliver Redlynch said...

I will be taking the kids to see it for a third time before the holidays are out. Simple moral story, superbly realised and executed with the technology fading into the background. Simply awesome.

JKR said...

Avatar lived up to its hype. The special effects were incredible. The scenes were beautifully created. It was worth going just to see what modern film makers can do with digital effects.

In stark contrast the story line lacked imagination and creativity. It was as if the writers had tried to marry up an overt green message with plenty of bash and crash for those with shorter attention spans.

Still, I agree Avatar is a movie you have to experience.

Alison Alloway said...

Ditto, I regard it as one of the best movie experiences ever.

Unknown said...

Avatar..saw it on release day with my son and it does what it says on the tin and more..absolutely beautiful movie..If you haven't been to see it on big screen i also urge you to..

Bryan Law said...

Me too! I went with wife and 11yo son. Son said it was the best movie he'd ever seen, and I really dug the forest (an un-credited star). A very engrossing and enjoyable three hours. Great 3D.

nocturnal congress said...

It may have been a weak story-line, however there is enduring appeal in seeing bullies getting trounced. Perhaps the popularity of the film worldwide could be a reflection on how the world views the USA???

Vlasta said...

Saw it twice now and would see it third time especially 3D. I have seen great movies but this one would have to top the list.

Totally awesome experience felt I was part of the life on Pandora.

One thing it made me think about was what are we actually doing to our planet. Where are our Avatars to save our planet?

Col Johnson said...

My problem was I left my brain on