Wednesday 22 February 2012

LNP flip-flopping on asset sales: Queensland Rail will be sold

The LNP confirmed if it won office it would sell the state government's remaining $3 billion stake in QR National later this year to help pay down state debt.

Opposition treasury spokesman Tim Nicholls said a decision had yet to be made about whether it would be done in one large block or over a number of tranches, as with Telstra, the Australian Financial Review reported yesterday.

This letter [see right] from Campbell Newman to the Electrical Trades Union in January seems to say the opposite.

''The LNP have no plans for asset sales,'' Newman wrote. ''We have consistently said that any plan to sell off state-owned assets should be taken to the people before an election so that the community can have its say.''

''This is in stark contrast to Labor who at the last election explicitly ruled out assets sales, and then broke their promise and commenced a fire-sale of Queensland's assets immediately after the election,'' Newman wrote to the ETU.

However it now seems he wants a quid each way, saying he has no intention for asset sales unless we had a mandate.

Cairns ETU organiser Stuart Traill has asked LNP candidate Gavin King for his position.

''Please remember your comments to me on John McKenzie's Radio 4CA show,'' Stuart Traill told Gavin King today. ''You were highly critical of the ALP Governments asset sales and your criticism of the four ALP sitting members not being a genuine voice by not backing the overwhelming view of the public that were vocal against asset sales?''

This leaves only the Katter Australian Party who have said they will not support any asset sales.

"Once again, it is very clear that there is no difference between the ALP and LNP on key policies and now they are locked together in plans for further privatisation after the next election,'' said Aidan McLindon.

"Queenslanders have a clear choice at the next election, they can vote for the ALP and LNP and see Queensland’s assets flogged off for short term political gain, or they can vote for Katter’s Australian Party and elect a government which will hold and build services and infrastructure."


Stuart Traill said...

Considering Gavin King was highly critical of the ALP selling our assets I am keen to see what his opinion is now he is the LNP candidate. Time to step up Gav and be that Voice you stated the region needs.

Pamela Mills said...

there goes the family silver....

D.J.HUNT said...

ON WIN news last night LNP spokesperson Steve Dickson claimed there would be no asset sales by the LNP. Well which is it.As usual the "small target" strategy of the LNP locally not being able to say anything will continue. Is this the representation we would get. Stand up and be counted,one way or the other.
ALP can't be trusted as they sold it off in the first place when they said they wouldn't. Followed up by high fives and kisses for the "no carbon tax under a government I lead" passing.