Friday, 17 February 2012

Cairns mayoral poll shows a return for Val Schier

Only a day old, the CairnsBlog mayoral election poll is reflecting what most observers are predicting.

The race will definitively be between Schier and Manning, with the Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane a distant third, followed by former developer and toy dog owner, Ian Thomas.

With just 50 votes in...
  • COCHRANE Margaret 9 (19%)
  • MANNING Bob 16 (34%)
  • SCHIER Val 21 (44%)
  • THOMAS Ian 1 (2%)
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Boss Hog said...

Michael, You poll is obviously rigged, cos all the people I have spoken to in the last 5 or so do Not Want in any way shape or foem, Val Shier back into Council or even in Cairns after what she has not done here in the last 4 years!!! I can not believe that your poll is anything but a Labor vote and that is giving some Labor voters a bad name!!! Boss Hog

Kate Dewar said...


Jamie O'Donaldson, Woree said...

"Boss Hog" ever thought you speak to those that simply say what you want to hear?

FOO said...

Mike, you left out a very important position in your POLL. " NONE OF THE ABOVE". I would tick that box. FOO.

Michael P Moore said...

Bloody good point! Sorry