Friday 17 February 2012

Cairns mayoral poll shows a return for Val Schier

Only a day old, the CairnsBlog mayoral election poll is reflecting what most observers are predicting.

The race will definitively be between Schier and Manning, with the Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane a distant third, followed by former developer and toy dog owner, Ian Thomas.

With just 50 votes in...
  • COCHRANE Margaret 9 (19%)
  • MANNING Bob 16 (34%)
  • SCHIER Val 21 (44%)
  • THOMAS Ian 1 (2%)
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Boss Hog said...

Michael, You poll is obviously rigged, cos all the people I have spoken to in the last 5 or so do Not Want in any way shape or foem, Val Shier back into Council or even in Cairns after what she has not done here in the last 4 years!!! I can not believe that your poll is anything but a Labor vote and that is giving some Labor voters a bad name!!! Boss Hog

Jamie O'Donaldson, Woree said...

"Boss Hog" ever thought you speak to those that simply say what you want to hear?

FOO said...

Mike, you left out a very important position in your POLL. " NONE OF THE ABOVE". I would tick that box. FOO.

Michael P Moore said...

Bloody good point! Sorry