Monday 20 February 2012

A dirty little ship

The Queen Mary II anchored off Cairns this weekend.

Is this the best pootograph that the
Cairns Poost can come up with to show the world? The even had the mirth to say the grand lady "dropped in". Looks like she did indeed.

We have been told that ships through the Great Barrier Reef are banned from releasing grey water.

I look forward to readers observations on what this shitty ship is up too, or a more suitable caption.


leroy said...

LNP policies being released?

Cruise ship enthusiast said...

It's actually mud from the ocean floor, stirred up by the vessel's rotors as it remained stationary off shore. Maybe you should do a little homework before jumping to conclusions? It only makes you look foolish.

KitchenSlut said...

If we can photoshop the QM2 down to size then shouldn't we be able to fit it into Cairns without dredging the inlet and save money?

Rowan Ratbag said...

Mike you will find it is the side thrusters on the ship that stirred up the sea bed whilst the ship was manoeuvring to anchor. The helicopters were there just as she anchored.