Sunday 19 February 2012

Katter’s Australian Party will not preference ALP or LNP

Katter’s Australian Party will not preference either the ALP or LNP at the Queensland State Election.

"[The] Party's position on preferences is very simple," Bernard Gaynor, campaign coordinator has said today. ''All those Queenslanders who want to get rid of Anna Bligh and her failed Labor government must vote 1 for Katter’s Australian Party and then number every box.''

''We will not be preferencing Labor and will not be preferencing the LNP.''

Katter's Party says Queensland has ''suffered tremendously'' under Labor, and the LNP is no better.

''Both [LNP and Labor] are committed to selling off State assets, including the electricity industry. This will only add to the cost of living for everyday Queenslanders,'' Bernard Gaynor says. ''Both parties are committed to an out of control CSG industry and both seek to deprive.''

Queensland leader Aidan McLindon says that policies undertaken by the ALP and LNP across Australia had sold Australia out and sold its assets off.

“Queenslanders have the opportunity to lead the fightback against these policies on behalf of all Australians,” said Mr McLindon. “Now is the time that we must vote for Australia and vote for our country because too much has already been lost. There is not much time left to save Australia’s manufacturing, tourism and agricultural industries.”

“Too much of farming land is owned by foreign governments and companies. Multi-national mining giants have more control over property than the Australians living on it. Too many of our factories and manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas.”

McLindon says that even white collar jobs are at risk with the banks training up foreigners to replace Australians in what is nothing more than a blatant cash grab at the expense of Aussie families.

“Our assets are being flogged off at an alarming pace and in the most deceitful manner. It doesn’t matter whether it is an ALP or LNP government. Bligh sold Queensland’s assets and just across the border the LNP government is auctioning off the power industry, despite being elected on a promise to protect it,” Aiden McLindon says.


KitchenSlut said...

''All those Queenslanders who want to get rid of Anna Bligh and her failed Labor government must vote 1 for Katter’s Australian Party and then number every box.''

Ummm, actually it's a state election and you don't have to number every box at all. A 2 for Anna Bligh would likely be a vote for her return. Is it really possible that the KAP campaign director doesn't know and understand this?

D.J.HUNT said...

Or putting her and her candidates last would ensure she definitely doesn't get in. If you just number 1 box and are adamant you want ALP out, you need to number every box with them last to ensure someone, ANYONE gets in but her. That's where LNP strategy is flawed because just numbering 1 square extinguishes that vote if their candidate is a stinker that no one wants to vote for could see Bligh get back in a seat they would otherwise have lost to another party. LNP don't want ALP out, they just want LNP in. There's a big difference

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

It matters NOT who votes for whom, what matters is, who COUNTS the votes.
As long as there is a preferential voting system in this country, people will always get the government they deserve, NOT the one they want!
If you're going to involve the AEC in anything, stand back and watch corruption in effect at it's highest level in this country.
The name of this country should be changed to Apathalia.

:John: Babet Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG) said...

Salute Katter-Australian Party's reformist platform with the commitment to allow elected MP's a conscience voice-vote on all issues.

Bob about addressing
1.Water Fluoridation
2.A Peoples Bank
3.Banksters Mortgage crimes