Monday 20 February 2012

Lesina's first official day as Labor candidate called "staggeringly naive" and "disturbing"

Just hours into Labor's Cairns candidate for the State election, and she has been slammed by some local tourism operators for comments about attracting new airlines to the region.

Kirsten Lesina has been called "staggeringly naive" and "disturbing" by Fred Ariel of Raging Thunder, after she reacted to the LNP's plan to invest in an $8 million aviation slush fund.

''Attracting new airlines to the north will hurt tourism to the north will hurt tourism by pitching regional airports against each other when they should be working together,'' Kirsten Lesina said.

Fred Ariel's comments were supported by Charles Woodward of CAPTA group Peppi Iovannella from Down Under Dive

Ariel is a member of the Liberal Party.

"These comments appear to be staggeringly naive and so wide of the mark that they absolutely laughable and yet disturbing,'' Mr Ariel said in a statement. ''It displays "horrifyingly ignorance. Tourism in this region has suffered because we have so few aviation links to the burgeoning markets in Asia.''

"It is of great concern that someone wanting to represent Cairns in State Parliament holds views that reveals a fundamental lack of understanding of what is needed to reignite tourism in Cairns and Far North Queensland."

''I am critical of the LNP policy to share $8 million over four years between three airports,'' Kirsten Lesina said. ''That is a drop in the bucket. I'm completely supportive of more direct flights into Cairns.''

Just three weeks ago, the Labor candidate was steamrolled over comments she made to remove the word ''base'' from Cairns Base Hospital.

''At least she is consistent. Remember the solution to our health problems is to change the name of the hospital,'' Katrina Breen, an LNP campaign worker said.

It's looking like a dog fight, all the way to the finish line.


Jim Cavill, Greens candidate Mulgrave said...

why on earth do we need state funds that are in effect subsidization of 2 foreign international carries to fly in to cairns for .... spend it promoting cairns by all means ,,,,the Privately owned airport does not need taxpayer subsidies either.

Will Solly said...

Because Jim....loss is public and profit is private.

KitchenSlut said...

"loss is public and profit is private"

Not if you accept Gavin Kings numbers. He has stated that even any estimated Cairns proportional slice of $8 million would produce an economic benefit to FNQ which would translate into a GST profit for the Guvmint sector from foreign tourists greater than their own subsidy?

Will Solly said...

i met Lesina some weeks ago. She was not aware of the downgrading some time ago of the Queensland govt credit rating...therefore ours. I suggested she get up to speed on economics. She was nice, pleasant, uninformed and naiive.

Michael Weitzmann said...

Lesina underwhelms yet again.

Steve Brech said...

word from the stall holders at Rusty's, "At least you (the Green) and Katters mob talk to people, she's always on the phone and doesn't even make an effort to talk to people"

KAP been there for 6 weeks
Greens 4 weeks
Labor twice (on and off)
LNP Never a stall, although Gavin parks his van at the Grafton St Entrance some Saturday mornings