Wednesday 8 February 2012

The anti-Gavin King rape leaflet

It's the story that won't go away.

Cairns LNP candidate, former Cairns Post journalist Gavin King can't seem to put put his now inflammatory opinion column he wrote in 2008 "if a woman drinks to excess during a night out on the town, is she partly to blame for being raped or assaulted? As uncomfortable and difficult as this question is, the answer surely is yes."

Here's the leaflet being circulated in South East Queensland by the Australian Labor Party.

The leaflet, that has been angrily denounced by LNP leader Campbell Newman, is targeting voters in the marginal seat of Ashgrove, held by ALP's Kate Jones.

"Quite clearly the comments made by the candidate for Cairns are offensive and Campbell Newman has failed in his leadership by not sacking him," Kate Jones said. "I think that it is very appropriate to draw to everyone's attention Campbell Newman's decision to stand by a man who clearly is not suitable to be a member of parliament."

Gavin King told The Australian that the Labor campaign was "absolutely disgusting."

"It was telling that the ALP was not distributing the flyer or the billboard in Cairns," King said. "They haven't rolled this kind of trash out because they know it just won't fly in Cairns. They know it has absolutely no traction."



It might not roll but it's sure got legs

Mr Grumpy said...

Qld has an $85 billion debt. Cairns has below standard health,roads,police numbers,the State is soft on crime and we need money to fix up the CBD and dredge the Inlet + sports etc.
So rather than debate the issues they attack King in Brisbane where the election will be won or lost.
Kirsten Lesina's answer to health is to drop the "Base" from the Base Hospital.
Are we the victims of some sick practical joke by the ALP? Please someone tell me that there is more to the pre-election debate than an article that King wrote 4 yrs ago

Shaun Newman said...

Is it all LNP members who believe this absolute nonsense or just King? That is the question, it is being answered by the LNP by the fact that they continue to support this bloke. We do not need parliamentary representatives who are so dense.

:John: Babet - CRAG - Community Reformation Action Group said...

Mr King
the answer is NO NO NO ...
rapists are solely responsible ...
journalists are solely responsible ...
one sells their Soul ... one reaps the karmic price

KitchenSlut said...

I have an idea! How about a pro-rape Gavin King leaflet, or even a pro rape-Gavin King leaflet?