Sunday 31 July 2011

Where's Julian Assange when you need him?

With the catchphrase, "reveal their secrets, protect our own" the Australian Defence Department is recruiting hackers, yet the Government still refuses to support Julian Assange for basically doing the same thing.

They are also targeting Facebook users to find computer hackers in their nationwide recruitment campaign.

The advert says...
  • ''Can you put yourself in the shoes of a hacker?
    If so you will love what we do.
    We need savvy techies and analysts willing and able to immerse themselves in the murky world of cyber security to help us stay ahead of the game.''
Reminds me of the old saying... Join the army. Meet interesting people and kill them.


Terry Vance said...

I think Assange is still fighting those trumped up bullshit sexual assault charges isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here Mike... apart from the fact that they are now being upfront about it. It's one way of having expertise without having to train their own personel.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Assange is getting his latest leaks and briefings from his MOSSAD handlers.