Sunday 24 July 2011

Cook Labor MP tweets with a fuck

MP for Cook Jason O'Brien doesn't give a fuck about budget estimates, it seems. with his own party.

The State Labor MP for Cook sent out a message to explain as much on Thursday. Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser has since said O'Brien's words are "inappropriate for public comment".

In the last Federal election campaign, Jim Turnour made a Twitter blunder.

Yesterday JOB messaged his Twitter audience that he was "Heading to Cooktown to open the new $10mil event centre (hope that tweet is boring enough for everyone)."


Vaughn said...

Hardly surprising, seeing that State Labor doesn't give a f*#@k about Queensland full stop!

KitchenSlut said...

There are some things we should ask here in regards to Jason's comments!

Pareticarly estimates is usually regared as a plum jog in any parliament, so perhaps JOB can explain his own reversion?

nomooremike said...

"Pareticarly estimates is usually regared as a plum jog in any parliament"

Don't speak with your mouth full!

KitchenSlut said...

Thank you nomooremike, I was indeed struggling with my mouth full, and vodka infused fishcakes from the latest Delicious Magazine which would have seen me thrown from masterchef for way too much salt .... errr ..... and vodka!

However, yes, at least at a Federal level being on estimates is one of the biggest gigs in Cairnberra which has usually been among the best and most enlightening opposition in contrast to the scorched earth of intellect that is question time in the House!

So, not only has Qld parliamentary estimates shut up shop in July it seems? But Jase is bitching about the mental effort of even being a part of it?


nomooremike said...

"one of the biggest gigs in Cairnberra"

Is that the little enclave they've cut out of Edmonton for the new city capital?

Syd Walker said...

This is one of those stories which makes me inclined to ask "who gives a f**k?"

On the one hand, politicians are criticised for not being 'human'. On the other hand, any indications of humanity are given the shock-jock treatment. Could the public make its mind up whether it wants tight-lipped robots in Parliament or not?

I say this not as any special fan of Jason O'Brien, whom I've never met. I just like to see a reasonable level of political dicussion. If this is the worst thing to report about Mr O'Brien in recent times, I can only conlude he's not doing much harm at all - or at least CairnsBlog hasn't found out about it.

Either way, it's a complete non-story, of interest only to militant clean speech advocates, which might represent 0.5% of FNQs population at best (less every year) and most likely no-one at all on Twitter.

Bryan Law said...

I'm with Syd. Holding ANY politician to account is fraught with risk. One might have to actually DO something. Holding A Labor politician to account would constitute a sin, because only the ALP can redeem us from our fallen state and protect us from the Joooos. See you at the warship Syd. The nice sailors might give us cookies and milk.

KitchenSlut said...

"Is that the little enclave they've cut out of Edmonton for the new city capital?"

Quite possibly nomooremike! Given that the current LNP policy apes the North Korean Model of a larger public sector supported by funds from 'beyond', an outsized military presence, and local protection and self-sufficiency perhaps this could be a potential site for Warren Entsch's tropical Institute of Sport?

Don't be fooled by this insidious plan! If there is ever a coup in Australia it is not the military who will rule but the Institute of Sport! Yes, we can rule the country from Edmonton!