Thursday 21 July 2011

Murdoch crisis deepens shock


Warren Entsch said...

Mr Rudd admitted to visiting Scores late at night after his dinner companion, Col Allan, the brash, hard living Australian editor of the New York Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch — chairman and chief executive of News Corporation, parent company of The Times — suggested they have another drink.

Mr Rudd told Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper, also owned by Mr Murdoch and which learnt of his excursion to Scores, that he made a foolish mistake. Also present that night was Warren Snowdon, another Labour MP. At the time Mr Rudd was Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman.

The newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying that Mr Rudd was warned by the Scores management against touching strippers. Mr Allan said Mr Rudd had “behaved like a perfect gentleman”.

Mr Rudd, a conservative Christian, said he was too drunk to remember what happened at Scores. He said neither he nor Mr Snowdon had a “completely clear recollection” of whether there were semi-naked women in the club or what they were doing.

Warren Entsch said...

October 1995, prime minister Paul Keating was furious when reporters and photographers sprang him making what he thought was a secret visit to Murdoch's Wickham Crescent townhouse.
Five days later, Keating delivered his Creative Nation speech. Central to it was the announcement that Murdoch's 20th Century Fox would establish a film studio in Sydney.
The Keating visit says much about the complicated nature of Murdoch's relationship with politicians. There was something in it for Keating, who got to deliver a much-needed positive announcement, but there was more in it for Murdoch, who got a new site, heavily subsidised, for his movie interests.
Self-interest appears to have driven Murdoch's desire for political clout. Within a few months of entertaining Keating, he was supping with new prime minister John Howard, with cross-media regulations on the menu. And then there was Rudd. And now Gillard.
To Rupert Murdoch, only the names on the menu change.

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:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

It's high time we took a stand against Murdoch and his cronies.
The Cairns Post, who were shown clear evidence of Fraud in the new Qld. Water Fluoridation Act, did nothing! Think that's bad?
When Murdoch purchased a property in Sydney using the help of Paul Keating and Bob Carr, the property was listed as "Lodial" Title, having No Laws, No Taxes, No Environmental Regulations, No Unions, and No Interference.
As a result, Fox Studios has now become Australia's largest polluter without any Laws to stop them. The more you watch Fox TV or movie programs, the more Murdoch makes money. The more you read the bullshit in ANY of his newspapers, the more he makes money.
Want to find out how big a crook Murdoch is? Try going into direct competition with him and see what happens.

Terry Vance said...

It shouldn't come as any surprise that this issue of hacking erupted again in the UK. (News of the World have been taken to court several times before for the same offence.) The UK unlike Australia has some excellent independent media like "The Independent" and "The Guardian" who helped expose the illegal activities of "News of the World."
Unfortunately here in Oz, the Murdoch media reign with an unchallenged monopoly. Hence the toadying and dick-sucking of all the political parties.

Anonymous said...

The most loathsome aspect of all of this is the clear collaboration across private media, government and police that has allowed repeated attempts to silence this over the past several years. A "private" company has willfully engaged in illegal wiretapping (quaintly called "hacking" by the apologists) and until now, has gotten away with it. Newscorp is a global parasite (the truly odious FOXNews anyone?). This affair just scratches the surface.

Warren Entsch said...