Sunday 31 July 2011

Pitt, our biggest Tweeter, while UK MPs spend 1,000 hours a year

UK MPs spend around 1,000 hours a year social networking application Twitter, no where near what Aussie politicians are doing.

The Telegraph says that the number of MPs tweeting has skyrocketed, from 111 a year ago to 275 today. Prime Minister David Cameron is anti-Twitter after he said two years ago "the trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it - too many twits might make a twat."

In Cairns, Cook MP Jason O'Brien, and Mulgrave MP Curtis Pitt, are the most regular Twitter users, with 197 and 260 tweets chalked up respectively. Premier Anna Bligh has sent 2,800 tweets, with LNP's Scott Emerson at 1,417, followed by Queensland Party's Aidan McLindon at 1,219. David Gibson LNP Member for Gympie has sent 1,078.

Bligh has 20,150 followers, dwarfing Pitt's 397 and O'Brien's 258.

However when it comes to what they message about, ''Cairns'' rates at the bottom of the 20 most used words. across all MPs.

Some stats....
  • Out of 89 sitting Queensland politicians, 25 are on Twitter
  • 11,151 tweets have been posted
  • 30 tweets per day on average in the past week
  • 66% of tweets are made by 20% of tweeters
  • 36% of tweeters are from Labor Party
  • 49% of tweets are made by Liberal National Party members


Terry Vance said...

I'm with David Cameron. I don't find it interesting to know where people are at every moment, and the posts on twitter can't explain complex issues or reasons why Governments make a particular decision. I daresay the spontaneity of it is addictive to some people and in he case of some politicians makes them appear to be busy.

Unknown said...

Oh, well that probably explains why Pitt does not respond to e-mails or phone calls.

Maybe I should tweet the twit instead.

I suppose we have to just learn to narrow down all our issues to 180 characters..

Michael P Moore said...

140 characters Nick.

What you can't say in that amount, isn't worth saying ;-)

Unknown said...

Jeez,that's a bit harsh.

Only 140 characters including spaces?

Now what could I tell Pitt the Twit in 140 characters...mmmm...