Wednesday 13 July 2011

AUDIO: I like Chinese, they only come up to my knees

What a doozy of a question by Rockhampton 7 News reporter, Anna McManamey.

The blonde bombshell put this question to peace activist, Margaret Pestorius, Bryan Law's partner, who are protesting Operation Talisman Sabre. You gotta love her answer.

"If we didn't have the Americans as allies we'd all be speaking Chinese. What do you say you that?''

"I think that's extremely uneducated and doesn't make any sense at all."


  • Thanks Anna, but I think you will need to do a little history lesson. I found this Monty Python classic song, just for you...


    Councillor Diane Forsyth said...

    Love Margaret's response! Yum Cha anyone?

    Alex Godineau said...

    if it werent for kevin rudd, we would be closer to speaking chinese. Everyones so scared of china but no ever considers the military forces/sheer numbers of india or Korea

    Stefan Aeberhard said...

    That is so wrong! The correct answer is Japanese ;)

    Margaret Pestorius said...

    wow - they didn't show that here...??

    armyboi said...

    The USA has protected Australia since WW2, but their financial situaation being so disasterous at present, I feel sure we would be by ourselves should we come under attack at any time in the future. Maybe it is time to make better friends with China, although I am hesitant with that thought too. Maybe a joint base in Tasmania might do the trick.

    Michael P Moore said...

    Just received this email....


    On 14 July 2011 15:38,
    Rex Clark, wrote:

    Given the clearly defamatory nature of your item involving our staff member Anna McManamey, we have referred the matter to our solicitors for urgent action.

    I urge you to consider removing this item forthwith.

    Rex Clark
    Director of News

    Seven Network (Operations) Limited
    140-142 Horton Parade | Maroochydore Qld 4558 Australia

    Postal Address: PO Box 296 | Maroochydore Qld 4558 Australia
    Telephone 07 5430 1777
    Mobile 0417 758 685

    Michael P Moore said...


    Please advise what exactly you object to or consider defamatory, and I will gladly amend, make an apology, remove, or a combination of all three.

    I am more than happy to accommodate your wishes by mutual agreement, however need to know what it is you find "defamatory".

    I was merely retelling the words that your reporter stated in an interview.


    Rex Clark, Seven Network said...

    I don't see what's so hard to follow about our request.

    Rex Clark
    Director of News

    Seven Network (Operations) Limited
    140-142 Horton Parade | Maroochydore Qld 4558 Australia
    Postal Address: PO Box 296 | Maroochydore Qld 4558 Australia
    Telephone 07 5430 1777 | Facsimile 07 5430 1763 | Mobile 0417 758 685

    Michael P Moore said...


    I don't see what's so hard to follow about my request.

    Besides the cheeky term "blonde bombshell" - I can't see where I have defamed anyone.


    Steve said...

    Perhaps Channel 7 don't want anyone to tweet this "story" put it on facebook or add some audio for a spot on a youtube channel, It's in my favourites though.

    (PS. Cairns journos are wonderful...7, 9 News & ABC,)

    Rex Clark, Seven Network said...

    I'll take that as a refusal then.

    Michael P Moore said...

    No Rex, you shouldn't take that as a refusal.

    I asked what you believed was defamatory. You have not done this.

    You are not the editor of CairnsBlog and don't decide what is published, however I clearly asked you what you felt was defamatory, and you have not told me.

    Clearly reprinting a public comment from your reporter is not defamatory.

    I await your response with interest.

    Robert Rutten, Rutten Technology Services said...

    Interesting :)

    There really isn't much to your article - it has perhaps a few defenses. Initially it has the "truth" defense - basically you reported exactly what was said. Given that you used the monty python sketch - I would also say that triviality and/or humour comes to mind. If you feel like arguing the point, you can say that given your history in social media reporting news that it was also journalistic in it's nature.

    Personally I think it's a scare tactic and wouldn't be too worried. It was a dumb question. The only slight would be saying that Anna needs a history lesson. (just).

    I had some advice on defamation recently (from a real lawyer!). Basically it goes along the lines that there are no winners in defamation - only the lawyers win.

    Up to you mate :) I think it rocks. (but obviously I am biased and not a lawyer type ).

    Richie Bates said...


    supersensitive down there in Rocky?

    Cr Rob Pyne, Cairns Regional Council said...

    Mike, Just hit 'delete' to his email and wait for further correspondence.

    Nicky Jurd, manager Precedence said...

    I’m not sure what they think is defamatory.

    Send back an email and ask for clarification? If the item it true (and it sounds like you actually just repeated what she said) then that’s a defence.

    Once you get clarification, send it to Media Watch. They’d love a media outlet trying to censor a factual publication!

    Simon Moyle said...

    I don't think you could defame Anna any more than she already has herself.

    Margaret Pestorius said...

    Hi Mike - I thought Amanda did a great story. If you are apologising - could you thank her at the same time!

    Constance Lloyd said...

    I guess they just don’t like the suggestion that the nature and content of the question is somehow related to being a blonde?

    I have not been able to listen to the sound bite – (permissions on work PC etc) but it would seem that the actual comment is on the public record.

    It has to be your intro that is causing the perceived offence. Or the thanks Anna bit.

    Is it possible to remove the post but keep the comments?

    As to nature of being defamatory – would suggest that whether some thing is defamatory could be subject to a 1000 possible interpretations.

    Darren Hunt, QLD Party candidate Cairns said...

    Add another thermometer next to Blake's just in case ???
    DJ :)

    Luke @ Clifton said...

    Tell him to suck it up princess...

    If they cant handle what their reporters say - Get rid of them! Easy!

    I think you should send this to Media Watch - They LOVE this kinda stuff! Plus - Then you'll (effectively) have the ABC behind ya!

    Cairnsblog: 1
    Channel 7: 0

    Alex Godineau said...

    More power to ya!

    Margaret Pestorius said...

    Mike - Amanda asked lots of really good smart questions.

    That was a devil's advocates question for which she apologised afterward! :)

    She was trying to bring in the recent discourse about china. She didn't run it in her story here. I thought she did a great job putting together the story!

    Bryan Law said...

    I'm just gettingback into the swing after a couple of days off. Rockhampton is a lot like Cairns, but smaller. There's an elite group of 50 & 60 year old men who think they own Rockhampton, and they're quick to brand heretics and outcasts.

    at the same time there's an "RSL" orthodoxy that promotes terribly untrue rhetoric on behalf of patriotism.

    Every journalist I've had contact with here tries to walk a tough line where "protest" might be news, but any who defy the orthodoxy will be punished.

    Seven and WIN are the local counter-balance to the Morning Bulletin. I don't mind seeing Margaret challenged on those myths - she's more than able to deal with them effectively.

    Right now there's a whole lot of pressure on journalists in Rockhampton,

    margaret pestorius said...

    Hi Mike,
    From my perspective, Amanda asked a whole series of helpful questions that told accurately what we were doing. I was a bit nervous and she was pretty supportive too. The china one was provocative and I knew she was doing it out of the current national discourse about China taking over the world.

    I meant to say that people saying that were uninformed about history. But it did catch me a bit unawares and I got stuck mid sentence. i was pleased she left it out of her story. I'm still interested that they sent footage to Cairns and ran a different story.

    Thanks channel 7.


    Michael P Moore said...

    I just sent another message to Rex Clark at 7 News...

    Rex, A friend in 7 News told me that you're a reasonable man and I should approach you once more.

    Of course I don't wish to attract legal action, but ask once again, what it is that is defamatory that I HAVE WRITTEN or PUBLISHED ?

    The interview was a public one and there were many other anti-war protesters there, including Margaret Pestorius, who was the interview subject, who confirmed the words where uttered to her in the course of the interview with your reporter.

    You should be aware that the Peace Convergence 2011 group have been engaged in a lot of social media activity in the build up to the Talisman Sabre exercise, and they are recording and videoing all the activities surrounding the non-violent direct action.

    You are also welcome to telephone me about this so we can bring it to a mutual and satisfactory conclusion without delay.

    Rex Clark, Seven Network said...

    In hindsight, I see little value in pursuing the matter.

    Let's leave it at that.

    Warren Entsch said...


    KitchenSlut said...

    Good arselicking technique there Margaret as you backpedal and grope as well as any powerhungry pollie for the narcissistic approval of the media if it can support any cause.

    Anonymous said...

    After reading the erudite comment that "Angle of water" felt so compelled to post, I must admit I feel despair in the apparent abject failure of the Australian education system. If that was the complete capacity of the correspondent, after feeling compelled to provide a considered comment, or to even consider a considered comment, then as a community we have failed.

    Anonymous said...

    Angel you could have been more economic with your words and just said "wuss". Cheaper by the syllable.

    Syd Walker said...

    Rex Clark seems like a nice bloke with a top sense of humour.

    It goes to show NewsCorp doesn't employ all the pompous twits who work in commercial media.