Friday 29 July 2011

Move to the left, please!

Is this just a Cairns thing, or what?

A reader sent me this pic of these folk, at Cairns Central this week.

When I've travelled abroad, through large populated cities like London, there's a convention that if you're being a slack-arse, you stand to the left, so normal moving human beings can walk past and get on with their life.

It always befuddles me when people jump on an escalator, they not take only take up the entire width that prevents any normal walking human being from passing, but they stand still.

And why do they stop walking on an escalator, or a stair version, instead of walking?

What's that about?


Bryan Law said...

Personally, I quite like the ride. I do it at big airports too.

Terry Vance said...

Then there are the people who like to stand in a group chattering away right at the very foot of the escalator. I've seen people plough straight into groups who have been shouted at to "move away" but who have remained clustered together in close conversation.

Bryan Outlaw said...

Why does this surprise you? These are the same fuckers blocking the right lane on the highway.

Al said...

Relax folks, and watch your blood pressure. This is supposed to be a lay-back tropical place anway, so what's the hurry.

KitchenSlut said...

If her hemline was a metre higher there wouldn't be a problem