Sunday 31 July 2011

Naturally, he finished his set

The New Zealand Herald reports today about Mr Vintage clothing who say they will keep producing their "Naturally, I finished my set" a Tshirt.

The quote was made infamous just a week ago when a Kiwi was interviewed in Norway as he finished a gym routine, yet was only a few meters from a bomb, set off by right-wing activist Anders Behring Breivik.

The 2-minute cringe-worthy interview with Cameron Leslie, spent most of the dialogue boasting about his gym workout.

Cameron Leslie's TV quote became a viral hit on the net after he bragged about his gym work-out during the explosion in Oslo. He told the Herald that those who have repeated his comments have ridiculed him.

"The fact you trying to ridicule me for
your own commercial gain makes me sick and proves to everyone here what a low-lying scumbag you are,'' Cameron Leslie said. ''Tui New Zealand is first and then I'm coming for you, you prick!"

Tui, a New Zealand beer famous for bold and cheeky advertising, also created a "yeah right" billboard that said, "8th rep of 165kg. Naturally I finished my set. Yeah Right."

However Vintage clothing say he put himself out there to be ridiculed.

"We are echoing the voice of New Zealanders. It's his own fault, he made a stupid comment, he's getting what it deserved.''

Watch the interview here with Cameron the Brave. How he was able to get through the whole interview without taking his shirt off is beyond me...

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