Saturday 9 July 2011

Bryan Law arrested in Rockhampton

Cairns peace by peace anti-war activist Bryan Law was arrested on Friday afternoon following threats to interfere and damage military helicopters, ahead of the massive US/Australian Talisman Sabre exercise in Rockhampton this month.

Bryan Law has been in Rocky for the last month, joining a steady stream of anti-war activists from around Australia and New Zealand, protesting against the military bi-annual exercise.

He was arrested after agreeing to a police interview after and was charged with "threatening to damage a division three aircraft under the Commonwealth Aviation Act."
Additionally, there were four arrests yesterday in Geelong and two more today, near the military base as protesters chanted "Stop the training, stop the war in Afghanistan."

Law was charged under Section 24 of the Crimes [Aviation] Act 1991. This is a Commonwealth law. He was released on bail after giving an undertaking to stay away from sites where US weaponry will be stored in the immediate future.

"I am bemused that it had taken almost nine months to be charged since he first made the Rockhampton airport manager aware of my intentions to undertake a 'ploughshares' type action last year," Bryan Law said. “My intention has always been clear: to disarm a US helicopter so that it may be removed from fighting and killing people. I abhor this conflict that has seen thousands of Afghan civilians killed through the normal operations of war.”

“Machine guns mounted on a US Apache helicopter, possibly even one that will attend Talisman Sabre, killed innocent journalists and wounded children in Iraq in 2007 as shown in the collateral murder film which sparked the Wikileaks controversy.”

Bryan Law says that politicians have neither the moral courage nor the ability to stop this warmaking.

"At this time over 67% of Australians are against the war yet that would translate into maybe 2 votes against war in the House of Representatives. It is now up to the Australian people themselves to find ways to hinder the military and stop the war.”

The charge against Bryan Law is an indictable offence, carrying a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment. He will appear in Rockhampton Magistrate’s Court on Monday 25th July,

Law told the Rockhampton Bulletin; Seven News Cairns, and also admitted the threat in a police interview.


Terry Vance said...

When you read of how we are supposedly now prepared to "do deals with the Taliban" you wonder what the f******* are we still doing in Afghanistan. Perhaps we should all be down in Rocky with Brian.

Syd Walker said...

Some reading material for Brian while in prison:

The Transparent Cabal by Stephen J. Sniegoski

Anonymous said...

Don't bother Syd. Brian is a gatekeeper.

"The best way to control the opposition is to be the opposition".

Bryan Law said...

I couldn't carry on without the support of folk like Bryan Outlaw and Syd Walker. When poisonous gossips, conspiracy theorists, and ignorami like these attack me, I smile quietly and KNOW I'm on the right track.

Chris of Manunda said...

Chris of Manunda says,
Brian, as much as I disagree with your brand of politics I will defend to the death your right to action your thoughts with words, deeds or whatever it takes....I think someone else said that didn't they?
Chris of manunda

A.J. Lover said...

Brian mistakenly attacked an Aussie Tiger helicopter believing it was an American Apache, unfortunately for Brian the Aussie soldiers have now gained vital experience in "battle damage repair", thanks to our ignorant serial pest they are now ready to deploy the ARH to assist our boys overseas - nice one mate!

Bryan Law said...

Check out

for video of the Tiger firing its weapons. The 30mm Machine cannon on the nose is the very same weapon as seen on, and its hellfire missile is responsible for many civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

nomooremike said...

Australian Tiger helicopters aren't deployed in Afghanistan.

PS: How appropriate, the code below is "prickl"!

Bryan Law said...

They're going to be deployed to Afghanistan. They were being tested for precisely that role during exercise Talisman sabre.

nomooremike said...

There has been no decision made on that, the government and the army are both reluctant to deploy them.