Wednesday 20 July 2011

Another serious crash on Port Douglas highway corner

Two people have been seriously injured in a traffic crash at the intersection of the Captain Cook Highway and Port Douglas Road just before 6pm yesterday.

The corner has been the scene for numerous fatalities and collisions for many years.

In yesterday's incident, a 20-year-old woman and her 22-year-old passenger were freed from their vehicle before the driver was flown to Cairns Base Hospital in a serious condition. The man was transported to Mossman Hospital.

A 33-year-old man, the only occupant of the other vehicle was not injured.


armyboi said...

Because Port Douglas has a small stable population, the state Government does not take into account the huge increase this area has during the tourist season (just try getting a taxi and you will know what I mean). Port Douglas is classed as a small country town of 3000 people officially and is only allowed 2 official taxi's, and you wonder why the infastructure such as roads are poor? The Captain Cook Highway is a disgrace. How many more serious accidents and deaths will it take before the state Government puts funds into this scary stretch of road. Have you driven this road at night recently?

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

There is one very important issue not being talked about here because nobody wants to address it.
There have been many, many other accidents along that stretch, a lot which are not reported because of the apathy of the people involved.
I myself was in one of those nasty events, caused by a white mini-bus towing one of those ever-so-handy and huge trailers, which it seems cannot be controlled in the wet or around bends.
These guys also have race quotas between themselves, and have done for quite some time, to prove who can carry the most people between Cairns and Pt Douglas in one day, caring not one iota of the oncoming traffic, and never once stopping to assist in these senseless accidents.
For those who are skeptical out there, you should encounter these idiots we are told are responsible drivers, like I tried to do at one of their favourite watering holes, and learn a little more of what really does go on the world.
How long before another serious fatality?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Resort bus operators on the Port Douglas road are for the most part imbeciles with no concept of safety. No matter, police are busy vigilantly manning their speed cameras in dual-lane 60 zones, so its only a matter of several generations before these cowpersons are stopped.