Thursday 21 July 2011

Spot the Difference: meet the Cairns councillor with two hats and one job

Cairns Regional Councillor, dog lover, and Labor candidate for the State seat of Cairns, Kirsten Lesina. Today she was busy wearing different hats at the Cairns Show.

"I will be manning the Council stall from 9 'til 12," Kirsten posted on her Facebook. "If you are at the show, pop by to say hello! Make sure to head to the Cairns Regional Council in the Fred Moule Pavilion."

"There are fantastic displays on the Entertainment Precinct and the CBD Masterplan, and you can even explore the plans on one of two iPads set up at the stall," Kirsten invited her Facebookers.

In between her Council duties, around 2pm. Kirsten managed to nip over to the Australian Labor Party booth, sandwiched appropriately between a bank and a dose of the Hendra virus.

There's Barron River MP Steve Wettenhall on the right, for the first time in a while, scaring the elderly.

I haven't been to the show yet, but this photo was sent to me by a questioning voter who wondered if Kirsten's double was all kosher?

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Matt CYP said...

This nit-picking trivia is really stupid. Why shouldn't Kirsten volunteer her time on both Council and Party stalls? The only thing I can criticise her for - "manning" is not PC! - that's "staffing", dear.