Wednesday 19 November 2008

Second place aint that bad

I hardly want to promote a right wing organ like Quick's CairnsWatch, but my morbid fascination extends to following his latest online poll.

Quickie asks the question "What would Village Val like for Christmas?" Why he calls our learned leader 'Village Val' is beyond even my puerile mind, but that's another story.

So far the responses are...
- A majority of vascillating [sic] vassals on Council? 13% (6 votes)
- A night on the town with Gavin King? 2% (1 vote) - I reckon King clicked that one.
- The autographed original of a certain cartoon that seems to have gone missing? 33% (15 votes) - It's not missing Dennis, it's still online and will remain so. All you CircusMousephiles can view the archives here.
- Lunch at Villa Romana with Kevin Byrne and Dennis Quick? 35% (16 votes)
- Christmas Dinner with Bryan Law and Michael Moore? 17% (8 votes)

As for the last vote, and I can't speak for Bryan, but I doubt I'll even get a Christmas Card from Val this year, after doing more than my bit to get her over the line in March.

Politics keeps strange bedfellows they say. At least we didn't have a smoke afterwards.

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