Tuesday 18 November 2008

Caption Contest returns

Arh, the return of the infamous CairnsBlog Caption Contest, you've all been waiting for!

This pic was stolen from Dennis-quick-to-leave-Kev's-office-Quick CairnsWatch blog. It shows Quickie and our former Mayor in waiting, KB, at their favourite haunt, Villa Romana. That's the one with the 53 sq meters courtesy of Kevin's old Council.

So, what were they saying? What plans were they scheming? Why were they wearing those silly hard hats?

Here's your chance to put words in their mouths. There's a free Chocolate fish in it for the best entries. For the record, that's KB on the right, as always.

  1. "Hurry up and take that photo, I'm due on board the Dumbskin for the 2pm charter."
  2. "Us ex-Army buddies love a good long vino lunch we can charge to some account code."
  3. "Does green go with blue? I dunno, but we're both available at the right price."
  4. "If George was here, we would be sitting on the footpath."
  5. "Don't worry, we'll break Val after another few months. She'll be one of us."
  6. "These dark sunglasses allow me to keep an eye out for those bloody Blog cameras."
  7. ................."your turn"................


Anonymous said...

No worries Kev - they'll never work out who we are in THIS disguise. Mind you - I reckon we could tax deduct it as work gear, eh?

Anonymous said...

"You know what Kev ? - this Cairns Blog fool is totally obsessed with you.
Poor guy needs to see a shrink ..."

Anonymous said...

Do you think this Hard Hat makes my Bum look big?

Anonymous said...

"Which one of us would win the Anna Bligh look alike contest?"

Anonymous said...

Look out Kev, here comes Val.
It's your turn to whistle Dennis.

Anonymous said...

Have another glass of free villa vino quickie, dressed like that you won't get nabbed for DUI again, on ya bike old mate.