Friday 28 November 2008

Truck loses load on Lavis road

Earlier this week a truck lost part of its timber load as it negotiated the narrow access road into Roy Lavis' property, that has been put under the spotlight for his sub-division application.

It is such events like this that the local residents behind the objection are concerned about.

"The access road is a single lane, winding road with some steep gradients and cross slopes," says Mansfield Street resident, John Martin. "It close to the creek and there is a steep slope running down from the road into the creek."

"There has already been a number of spills of loads and washes of dirt and debris down into Mansfield Street," John says.

"When previous heavy trucks have had to deliver big loads they have actually had to reverse up the first 400 metres to allow for a tighter turning circle at the first hairpin bend above the creek. This bend is just 45 metres from the creek above a steep slope. Imagine what toxic contaminants could get into the creek if a truck carrying liquids or other materials has a similar spill at this bend."

The access road from Mansfield Street gets as close as 35 metres from the creek at a lower section.

If this development application is approved, trucks and earth moving equipment will have to get in to clear and level the house block. Then during building cement trucks, vehicles carrying paint, solvents and building materials and chemicals will have to traverse the road. This is when the creek will be most at risk.

Under the Cairns Plan this road is supposed to be accessible by firetrucks. It is hard to believe it could be reasonable to expect firetrucks to reverse up the road to gain access in an emergency.


Anonymous said...

The goose with the golden egg ususally wins.

Anonymous said...

The land owner in questions needs to take a good look around the once lovely small city of Cairns. Developers like him and the companies they run have turned this place into a haven for wingeing southerners and they have turned the land and hillsides of the city into ugly subdivisions full of hot, cheap hovels.
All the busnesses who have been waiting months to get paid by his still struggling company should band together and expose the incompetency and lies behind the recent hype of better times for his group. I'll bet the owner is hoping the proposal will develop into a profit somewhere along the line to keep his ailing company crawling along.