Friday 21 November 2008

Leu and Hanan on Douglas Advisory Board

Robert Hanan, who heads the anti-amalgamation lobby group, Friends of Douglas Shire, is on the new Douglas Advisory Board to feed locals' concerns to Cairns Regional Council.

Councillor Julia Leu, who confronted the Premier when she visited Mossman last month, and has been a consistent fighter to air the residents' concerns from the former Douglas Shire, says that the board has a great range of skills and expertise. "It is well placed to advise Council on issues impacting the community,” she says.

Michael Bolt will chair the group which will meet every three months. Linda Jackson, Hazel Douglas, Robert Hanan, Ken Dobbs, Gerard Puglisi, Sonja Pritchard and Anne-Marie Clarke, are also on the new group.

Hanan and Friends of Douglas Shire, has led a large number of Division 10 residents around Port Douglas and Mossman to with-hold part or all of their rates over recent months, in protest at the lack of consultation from the new Council structure and rating regime that was forced on them.

The next ordinary council meeting of the Cairns Regional Council will be held next Thursday 27th November, and the meeting agenda will be available online from today. Friends of Douglas Shire will present to this meeting about their objection to increased rates and charges. You can contact Robert Hanan on 4098 8280 or Michael Gabour on 4099 3667, for more information about this meeting.

What teeth this new advisory body has, if any, is yet to be seen.

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Anonymous said...

hhaha funniest news we'll read all month.. as if Val or Council will give a toss what this mob of do-gooders will say.